Q2 2021

62 | Q2 2021 Mar21428 Admin Experts Secure Success Administration does not get any easier, but often businesses require a bespoke solution to their support services. That solution is what the team at The Administration Hub thrives on, revolutionising the world of assistants through the digital world. The team have been named Best Virtual Assistants, 2021 – London in the SME Business Elite Awards, so we take a closer look to see if we can understand where the appeal lies. As businesses grow, they need support that suits their needs as and where they are. This can change rapidly and intensely over time, and nowhere is this clearer than with the work of the Administration Hub. The all-encompassing hub is relied on by businesses to fulfil a multitude of support needs without having to spend time or money engaging with several other companies, all through one point of contact. Their unique abilities make them the ideal first port of call when it comes to getting some much-needed operational assistance with business and lifestyle support. Many businesses have not yet seen the benefits of outsourcing aspects of their workflow, but it’s a trend that is becoming more and more popular with organisations of all sizes within the UK. The benefits are numerous, with work completed in less hours with no overheads. This sort of work is where the Administration Hub excels, offering clients a multitude of complete administrative solutions all in one place, with comprehensive support that negates the need for extra money or time spent engaging with other companies. The team offers a wide range of cost-effective services including PA duties, administration, finance, sales, marketing and social media, HR support, compliance and much, much more. When the team at the Administration Hub comes to help, they put your business first and foremost, trying their hardest to support you in the achievement of all your goals. Needless to say, this means that the firm has staff who work to the highest standards, offering the care, passion and integrity that you would expect from any member of staff. Good outsourcing depends on a healthy, trusting and transparent relationship, one which enables a team to become a valued part of a business as and when required. The range of services on offer means that the team behind the Administration Hub support companies that vary enormously in their outputs. One day, the firm could be assisting a start-up, another day it could be an international corporation. The sectors involved range across insurance, financial, health and wellness and property to name but a few, but each receives an impressive degree of care and attention mainly because the team have a passion for learning about new businesses and new industries in order to improve the service they provide. More than in other businesses, it is the staff who ensure that the Administration Hub stands out from the crowd. Unlike an agency, each client is designated a PA who brings a wealth of expertise to the table, with a minimum of fifteen years of experience in administration, to offer personal support to their client. Moreover, with unique processes in place that ensure the team goes above and beyond for quality control, every client is assured that they are dealt with as a priority and do not have to spend time double-checking the work done. The team are all certified in Remote Working, an accredited e-learning course developed by the Administration Hub in lockdown to help other businesses and individuals thrive. This course ensures the achievement of gold standard work whilst working remotely. Working in an efficient manner as a virtual assistant is an enormous boon to those within the industry. When the company first opened its doors four years ago, the team was convinced that working remotely and from home would be the future – they couldn’t have known how quickly it would happen, however! Now that organisations across the world have been able to experience the numerous benefits of this way of working, however, they have quickly started to take advantage of it. For the team at The Administration Hub, it has been a whirlwind of work, where they stand apart for their comprehensive solution that can adapt quickly to the specific needs of clients as and where they are. This has been the secret key to the firm’s longevity, ensuring interest now and into the future. Company: The Administration Hub Limited Name: Amy Watmore & Katy Moroney Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.theadministrationhub.co.uk