Q2 2021

61 | Q2 2021 Apr21620 More than ever before, the world of wills and probate law has proven to be beyond the realm of most people, requiring specialists who can unpick the tangled web it creates. That’s what the team at Steele Rose Law LLP specialise in. Their work has seen the firm was named Best Charitable Organisations Wills, Trust & Probate Law Specialists - South England in SME News’ Legal Awards 2021, so we dug a little deeper to discover exactly how they had achieved such success. Steele Rose Law first opened its doors in 1996, and since then has grown to serve and extraordinary array of different people. While its size and ambition has only increased over the last twenty-five years, the key to the team’s continued success has come from its position as a family organisation. Like many icons of British industry, the journey to nationally recognised company started as a humble local business, specifically designed to serve local clients with the services they needed. This desire to please has never left the team, and while they have become more formidable in the work they take on, the way in which they work continues to put this at the forefront. The team have worked within the Wills, Trusts and Probate industry for a quarter-century now, working tirelessly to ensure that their clients have the support that they need when they need it most. In this time, the firm has a proud record of success, with no successful claims ever being made against the insurance that the team have offered their clients. Needless to say, this impressive achievement is a result of a team who always pull their weight, determined to deliver every time for clients. Steele Rose Law has built up an impressive team who have a great deal of standing and experience. There are numerous qualifications within the firm, including Law Degrees (LLB), STEP Will Writing Certificates and MBAs, and each brings its own unique perspective to the table for the team. Probate and the administration of an estate is an often daunting and complicated process, and the timing and emotions involved make this an incredibly challenging area in which to work. In most situations, there are multiple questions that come about as a result of exploring the depth of a will, and these can often raise even more questions for those who are grieving. As a result of this difficult process, the team offers a service that can be easily tailored to meet the needs of the client and what they need. There Wills and Ways are no two people who require the same level of assistance, but many who need an approach that takes into account the emotions that are involved in the process. Each person is different, and this means that the team are well equipped to meet in person, perform a video call or deal remotely through the post or telephone. No matter what service you need, the team at Steele Rose Law will adapt to get things done. Such is the confidence of the team in your ultimate satisfaction that they offer a moneyback guarantee on their services. If a client isn’t happy with what is offered, they will offer a refund and take on whatever feedback is given in order to ensure that their service continues to lead the way in probate law. In many ways, it’s this commitment that showcases the story behind Steele Rose Law’s stunning success. While the firm’s growth over the last twenty-five years is something to be celebrated, it’s their consistency in the service that has been offered to clients that has ensured that they stand out from the crowd as a leading provider of legal services. Name: Dean Steele Email: dean@steelerose.co.uk