Q2 2022

42 | Q2 2022 Mar22699 Beautifully Crafted Floral Delights Taking the accolade of Most Trusted Same Day Flower Delivery Company, 2022 – London is Blue Florist, a Kingston Upon Thames based company. Offering a plethora of beautiful flower arrangements, Blue Florist is renowned for its ability to produce excellence in a short time frame – it even offers same day delivery! Simply, for a premium service, Blue Florist is the right choice. Flowers are a perfect gift for any occasion – weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, for example – and offer a vibrant display of affection, love, and care. With over 19 years of experience, Blue Florist is one of London’s most trustworthy and professional florists. Indeed, in spite of its near two decades in the industry, Blue Florist still boasts the same amount of passion that it did when it started. From seasonal bouquets to funeral displays, Blue Florist provides a premium service. Its products are incredibly affordable, typically falling within the £35-£50 range for a standard sized bouquet. However, for an extravagant floral display, customers can expect to pay over £100. These flower arrangements are certainly worth the cost, as they are fresh, luxurious, and created with care. Every bunch of flowers is delicately designed by one of Blue Florist’s expert florists. Blue Florist’s process is rather simple – it receives a fresh delivery every morning and operates through a direct-to-florist system. In essence, the client can contact the business directly rather than passing through a thirdparty, which simplifies the process and enables Blue Florist to prepare the freshest possible bouquets. Henceforth, once the bouquet arrives – which is typically in under a 24-hour period – the flowers have the potential to last for up to two weeks. One customer, in a Google Review, testifies, ‘not only was [the bouquet] the talk of the office; the colour, large rose heads, and orchids, but over a week later, I have just recut the stems and put them in fresh water. As a trained florist myself, I can say the quality of the flowers used is exceptional and the person who made my hand tie, is an asset to this company.’ If the client needs guidance, the company’s blog offers an insight into the meanings of flowers. One such example is that of How to Choose Anniversary Flowers, which was posted on the 11th of February 2022. In the blog post, Blue Florist supplies an in-depth exploration of suitable floral arrangements, including the flowers attributed to each milestone. Carnations represent the first anniversary, the second is the cosmos, and the third are sunflowers – this trend continues, with the 50th anniversary being yellow roses. This blog includes further titles such as The Best Spring Blooms to Brighten Your Easter and 2022 Wedding Flower Trends. Quite simply, it supplies advice for every occasion, even directing customers towards its Bespoke Flower Giftboxes. Even though floriography may no longer be used, it can certainly provide inspiration for special occasions and act as a guide for a floral message. Such inspiration is ideal when it comes to choosing the right Blue Florist arrangement, as there are many, and they are all magnificent. For a classical take on floral arrangements, Blue Florist’s Velvet Pearl collection exceeds expectations. White roses hand-tied with thlaspi, salal leaves, and pistache exude understated elegance. Associated with purity and marriage, white roses are delicate, expressing sentiment, hope, and love. Moreover, the bouquet arrives neatly displayed in Interflora Gift Packaging and arrives aqua packed, ensuring freshness and the ability to be immediately showcased. This style comes in three options, the Dozen, Eighteen, and Two Dozen, with the Two Dozen being priced at £99. However, if the recipient would prefer a more colourful display, there are a plethora of masterfully crafted options available. Be it the Citrus Squeeze Hatbox or the Spring Hand-Tied bouquet, there truly is something for everyone. Within its seasonal range is the Golden Skies Hand-tied creation. Formed from yellow large headed roses, blue iris, purple statice, and yellow solidago with pistache, the bouquet is reminiscent of a striking, spring sunrise. The standard sized bouquet is available for the fair price of £38, and the larger version for £43. Of course, as flowers are perishable items, it’s imperative to deliver them quickly. Blue Florist takes this to another level. If the arrangement is ordered before 3pm, it will provide same day delivery, guaranteeing that its products will be as fresh as possible. Orders placed after this time will be processed for the next day. In addition, the company offers delivery from £4.95, and offers a free Click & Collect service. A quick glimpse online shows that customers are incredibly pleased with the service that they have received, with many claiming that they will never use another florist. The quick delivery, the freshness, and most importantly, the beauty of the designs are the focal point of many reviews. Consequently, the company has acquired a 4.8-star rating across 239 Google Reviews. In a comment that encapsulates the essence of the business, Nick Poole states, ‘Wonderful! So delighted - the service was excellent, they even phoned to confirm a change in the advertised arrangement, and the flowers are simply stunning! This is the 4th time I’ve ordered from Blue, and I can’t recommend them highly enough!’ Contact: Agron Luka Company: Blue Florist Web Address: https://www.blueflorist.co.uk/