Q2 2023

ABL Health Ltd has firmly established itself as the foremost provider of community-driven holistic health and wellbeing services, delivering long-term positive social impact and improving health outcomes for the areas most in need. We dig a little deeper to find out more about the company’s success. Revolutionising Community-Driven Holistic Health and Wellbeing In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare integration, ABL Health stands out as a trailblazer, leading the charge in addressing health inequalities and transforming the lives of individuals and communities. It is why the firm has been recognised as 2023's Best Provider of Integrated Wellbeing Services by SME News. From its inception, ABL Health has stayed true to its deep-rooted commitment to driving social value and eradicating health inequalities. These core values are ingrained in the organisation's very fabric and have been prevalent since its establishment. The ethos of ABL Health can be encapsulated in four fundamental principles: Bold, Effective, Thoughtful, and People Powered. First and foremost, ABL Health is bold in its approach. The team actively promotes innovation and creates an environment that fosters creative thinking. Through initiatives like the ABL Way, colleagues are encouraged to share their ideas and collaborate on new solutions, leading to the development of innovative delivery models and processes. This forward-thinking mindset allows ABL Health to adapt and improve its services continuously. Effectiveness is at the core of everything ABL Health does. The organisation is devoted to a culture of continuous improvement, where teams work together to assess performance and identify areas for growth. Successes are celebrated, while failures are viewed as valuable learning opportunities to refine team processes and enhance overall performance. ABL Health strives to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. ABL Health's team recognises that each individual is the expert of their own unique situation, and they deliver their services with understanding, kindness, and compassion. By tailoring interventions to meet the specific needs of service users, ABL Health empowers individuals, fosters resilience, and promotes informed decision-making. The staff's deep understanding of the context of people's lives allows them to provide exceptional experiences and outcomes. The positive impact of ABL Health is evident through the team’s collaborations with communities, healthcare services, and individuals in need. Their unwavering dedication to eradicating health inequalities and driving positive change in neglected areas is reflected in their partnerships with local, regional, and strategic commissioners. ABL Health's core values align seamlessly with the NHS 10-year forward view and are recognised as vital priorities. Through its market-leading and unique approach, ABL Health supports individuals and communities to flourish. ABL Health goes beyond conventional healthcare services by focusing on improving outcomes and building community capacity and sustainability. Its "people first" approach ensures bespoke and targeted service delivery, while creating sustainable capacity within communities and neighbourhoods. This facilitates sustained behaviour change, leading to lasting improvements in health and wellbeing. ABL Health strongly emphasises citizen action, recognising that durable products are achieved through bottom-up interventions that respect and build on individuals' and communities' assets, strengths, and resilience. By working at the neighbourhood level, ABL Health effectively connects people to the assets within their own local environment. ABL Health's recent projects and clients testify to its impactful work. It has made a meaningful social impact, supporting over 32,000 individuals, their families, and communities. A remarkable 61% of its clients are from the most deprived communities, with 17,000 individuals having mental health needs or long-term conditions. Despite the increasing number of referrals, ABL Health's dedicated staff have gone above and beyond to engage with these often-forgotten communities, empowering them to make lifelong behaviour changes. Looking to the future, ABL Health has ambitious plans for innovation within the industry. Its strong growth trajectory and the exceptional team it has built positions it to expand its impact even further. Over the next five years, ABL Health aims to deliver more holistic, integrated services, broaden its regional focus, and develop new patient services. These initiatives will allow the company to reach even more individuals and communities, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of community-driven healthcare. Company Name: ABL Health Ltd Contact Name: Nick Warnett Web Address: ablhealth.co.uk Contact Email: nwarnett@ablhealth.co.uk