Q2 2023

28 | SME News Q2 2023 Where Expert M&A Advisers Bring Natural Success Dragon Argent offers specialist advisory, accountancy, tax, and legal support for fast-growth start-ups & SMEs. We profiled the expert M&A Advisers to learn more about their current reputation and why so many clients want to work with them. See below to learn the secrets behind the company’s success. In the fast-paced world of startups and SMEs, success often feels elusive, leaving many entrepreneurs needing help navigating complex growth challenges. However, success comes naturally for Dragon Argent, a boutique advisory, accountancy, tax, and legal professional services firm. With a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial journey and a team of expert M&A advisers, Dragon Argent has positioned itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to grow. From the company’s core values to the team’s unique approach in the industry, Dragon Argent is paving the way for entrepreneurial triumph. Dragon Argent's core values have remained steadfast since its establishment. The company firmly believes every business can achieve its potential with expert and professional advice. Rather than merely managing businesses, Dragon Argent is passionate about removing barriers to development and liberating founders to scale and mature their ventures. The team at Dragon Argent operates holistically, working together on every issue to provide strategic advice that utilises a comprehensive understanding of each client’s unique business. Interestingly, what sets Dragon Argent apart in the industry is its ability to offer diverse professional competencies combined with a specialisation in the challenges and opportunities faced by founders of techenabled startups. To support the startup community, Dragon Argent offers pro bono discovery calls to address accounting, tax, and legal concerns. Additionally, the firm conducts regular webinars and shares a weekly newsletter with an entrepreneur network of 3,000 founders, providing valuable insights and solutions to common issues. Boasting a global reputation, Dragon Argent's client base spans over 400 tech-enabled businesses across various sectors, including design, engineering, fintech, healthcare, life sciences, media, property, retail, and SaaS. The firm gains a holistic understanding of each business through a consultative approach, enabling them to become accountable problem solvers. Dragon Argent has established a reputation for delivering outstanding results, with an impressive 99% 5-star customer rating and a robust referral-based growth model. Dragon Argent has set ambitious goals for the next five years. Since June 2020, the company has experienced significant growth, expanding its team from six professionals to over 25. With a focus on tech-enabled businesses, Dragon Argent aims to understand the requirements of founders, investors, managers, and stakeholders to deliver bespoke solutions. The firm has developed business health check tools and tax calculators to support clients and startup businesses, empowering leadership teams to effectively diagnose and mitigate business risks. Dragon Argent plans to continue its growth trajectory, aspiring to become a 60-person firm while expanding into adjacent services. Dragon Argent understands SMEs' challenges and offers valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Founders of tech-enabled startups often find themselves wearing multiple hats and pulled in different directions. Dragon Argent's business model seeks to alleviate this burden by providing advisory, accounting, tax, and legal services – freeing founders' time, allowing them to focus on their core strengths and building their propositions. At Dragon Argent, teamwork is at the heart of the company’s success. The company fosters a collaborative and supportive environment, prioritising employee growth and development. Its company values – curious, collaborative, and commercial – are embedded in all aspects of the business, from recruitment to performance management. Regular team lunches, quarterly company days, and various learning and development initiatives create a culture of connection, continuous improvement, and shared knowledge. As part of its reputation, Dragon Argent prioritises sustainability as part of a dedication to corporate social responsibility. The firm actively reduces its carbon footprint by using fair-trade products for office stationery and supplies, contributing to a greener and more responsible business environment. Dragon Argent stands as a beacon of success in the world of startups and SMEs, demonstrating that businesses can achieve their true potential with the right expertise and support. Through a unique approach, holistic advice, and commitment to fostering growth, Dragon Argent has earned a reputation as the go-to boutique professional services firm for fast-growth scale-up businesses. As the firm continues to innovate and expand services and offerings, Dragon Argent is poised to shape the future of success for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. We are pleased to present Dragon Argent with the title of Most Trusted SME Professional Services Advisory Firm 2023 – London, and we wish the team all the best for the future. Company Name: Dragon Argent Contact Name: Vignes Rajagopal Socials: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ dragonargentltd https://twitter.com/ DragonArgentLtd https://www.facebook.com/ dragonargentltd https://www.instagram.com/ askdragonargent/ Web Address: https://www.dragonargent.com Jun23132