Q3 2019

9 | Q3 2019 Health and safety, regardless of industry or field, is an incredibly important element on the greater business landscape. However, when you consider the exhibition industry, it becomes a vital consideration indeed and perhaps one of the most overlooked factors that, ultimately, determines the overall success of the event. As, arguably, the experts in this arena, AbraxysGlobal provide a truly specialised service dedicated to ensuring compliance across the board, as Kane explains in more detail. “AbraxysGlobal specialise in services that include the provision of NEBOSH-qualified Health and Safety Floor Managers to oversee the construction of events on site throughout their tenancy period. On top of this, we also provide compliance checking services for space-only stand plans to ensure technical drawings and supporting health and safety documents comply with the organiser, the venue and local authority build regulations.” But this almost fails to encapsulate how the company has reinvented best practices in events-centric health and safety and sustainability delivery. For instance, AbraxysGlobal’s Stand Plan Inspection Fee (SPI Fee) initiative has significantly reduced costs for organisers while simultaneously allowing the company to provide an increased level of staffing on the health and safety front. Despite being one of the most prominent entities in this sphere, Kane is keen to emphasise that AbraxysGlobal isn’t resting on its laurels and remains focused on continuous innovation. “We are constantly reviewing and upgrading our systems and procedures due to the constant changes in legislation, requirements and mentoring in emerging markets.” Due to this unwavering work ethic, the future for AbraxysGlobal looks to be defined by growth and expansion. “The next couple of years are The Leaders in Event Compliance Planning already bringing new countries, new venues and new projects. AbraxysGlobal are proud to deliver business excellence whilst undertaking social responsibility projects in territories such as UK, India and Africa.” Finally, Kane comments on things of a more socially responsible nature as he discusses the company’s impressive commitment to philanthropy. “AbraxysGlobal actively work alongside 2 charities, this year alone raising £6,000 for Global Angels & Cancer Research UK. We are very proud and thankful to everyone who is involved with helping us reach our donation targets, whether that is by donating or taking part in our fundraising events.” Company: AbraxysGlobal Address: 10 Barley Mow Passage, London, W4 4PH, United Kingdom Website: www.abraxys.online Telephone: 0208 747 2045 Based in London, AbraxysGlobal are Health and Safety Consultants that have provided services to the exhibition industry for over 15 years and in over 20 countries. As ‘London’s Most Trusted Event Planner’ in the 2019 SME Business Elite programme, we were eager to speak to Kane Simpson, Director, to find out more about their services and expertise.

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