Q3 2021

17 | Q2 2021 Aug21274 Neuways is a company offering exemplary cyber security and business organisation solutions that have allowed it to become the ‘Leading Specialists in Cyber Security’ in 2021 for Derby. By enabling accessible cyber protections, and high-investment business organisation through Enterprise Resource Management, Neuways allows a company access to protected, cohesive solutions that promise to streamline and improve their processes. Existing to help businesses grow through the effective provision of IT support and solutions, Neuways is a dedicated business partner for its clients. Having made itself a crucial part of its customer’s operations in terms of their IT security and support services, Neuways as a company has become a highly trusted, dependable, and effective cyber security support provision that serves all manner of industries and scales. With over 10 years of supporting the 200 companies who rely on it, it has developed a reputation for treating each client as though they are the most important business it works with, with a full complement of team members who are exemplary at their jobs and help Neuways’ clients to find their perfect, bespoke IT approach. Knowing how daunting cyber security can be if one is not familiar with it, Neuways has also made a name for itself in the friendliness of its service. Alongside its effective, no-nonsense, and highly sophisticated IT solutions, the team who clients remain in contact with throughout the service are professional, empathic, and understanding, willing to go into as much or as little depth as a client wants. This is all part of its dedication to de-mystifying cyber security and making it as accessible as possible. It believes that by doing this, the world of remote work and digital business operations will become a much safer place, something that will become even more pivotal as advances and innovations continue to drive the market for the businesses working within it. One of the many ways in which Neuways can help a client to achieve this is with its Enterprise Resource Planning solution. Business Central, a 5-star service that Neuways is proud to provide, is ‘ERP from the experts’, and a Microsoft Dynamics 365 hub that is both cloud based and highly sophisticated. Fundamentally, it aids businesses by connecting the people, processes, and data that make up the internal working day, linking all processes in order to encourage full business synergy with perfect communication between all elements of a company’s operation. Foremost, Business Central is an ‘engine of connectivity’ that pulls together a myriad of different elements. This includes a client’s finances, customer service, operations, sales, marketing, and talent, making their businesses more effective and productive and ensuring that a client has access to a broad and deep view of all business elements at merely the touch of a button. Moreover, it gives them the power to access their analytics and business intelligence just as easily, leading to better informed business decisions that improve processes in the business they are implemented for by 95%, allowing them to partake in a service that is currently seeing a great deal of investment. In addition, 53% of businesses name ERP and CRM as priority investments, showing just how much Neuways solutions can help a client to take their business into the future of enterprise. Contact: Conor Davies Website: neuways.com Protection in Enterprise Resource Management