Q3 2022

Q3 2022 | 21 Jun22089 Most Inspiring Technology Specialist Director: Nick Condon Squiz understands the power of the digital sphere; henceforth, the company has been designed to aid others on their digitisation journeys. The company provides a plethora of solutions that centre around the implementation and improvement of digital services. Over two decades of experience supports Squiz, a company that is on a mission to help enterprise organisations to create and scale digital services that increase customer value through personalised customer experience. The company provides unique products and solutions to clients across the globe, with many of these clients stemming from universities and government departments as well as financial institutions, media, publishing, and utilities. Squiz is fighting for something better – it prides itself upon its resourcefulness, persistence, ingenuity, and determination. Such traits are engrained within every Squiz product and service, from its Cloud platform to its content creation and migration solutions, and they can even be found within its team. In essence, Squiz endeavours to truly connect with the individual, no matter whether it’s a business, customer, or employee. Whilst the company was founded in 1998, these traits have remained fundamental to Squiz’s success. As such, Squiz now boasts over 500 people in 13 locations across the world including Australia, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Poland. One of these employees – who just so happens to be at the helm of the business – is Nick Condon, the company’s Managing Director. Taking on the role in November 2021, Nick leveraged over 20 years of experience in technology, media, marketing, and general management to bring a fresh perspective into the leadership position. Moreover, he is passionate about bringing forth new approaches to solving problems, and it is this that sets him apart from the average Managing Director. Unlike most, Nick does not rely upon antiquated methods and is willing to take risks, believing that if something goes wrong, then it is an opportunity to learn and evolve. Simply, Nick is a strategy focused, leader with a reputation for driving high-performing teams to deliver innovative, engaging solutions. He is passionate about what he does, and he channels this energy into the development of his team, resulting in the transformation of digital experiences for the customers, citizens, and students of some of the UK and Europe’s most innovative organisations. It is with all this in mind that Nick has been awarded the title of Most Inspiring Technology Specialist Director. His devotion to creativity, innovation, and, of course, the customer truly knows no bounds, and it is clear that his enthusiasm has inspired, and continues to inspire, his team. Contact: Nick Condon Company: Squiz Web Address: https://www.squiz.net/