Q3 2022

24 | Q3 2022 Jun22131 Centuries of Combined Hospitality Experience: MCA Main Course Associates (MCA) has become a notable force within the hospitality realm. Not only has it spread far and wide, internationally, but it has established a secure base here in the UK. Here we take a better look at what it does as it wins Best Specialist Hospitality Accounting and Financial Management Company, 2022 – United Kingdom. Main Course Associates (MCA) has become a go-to specialist for accounting and financial management in the hospitality industry. It has a wide scope of skills; MCA can manage all manner of financial and operational matters within the world of hospitality, though its key focus is on finance & accounting – using its specialised knowledge of the sector it offers management & turnaround solutions. MCA’s mission is to use its knowledge and power to apply procedures in an intelligent, resourceful, and passionate way. This means that it can help anyone within catering and hospitality in general – without leaving any stone unturned. Supporting its local and international clients, MCA leaves its progressive mark on their businesses – guiding them to further evolution and success. Its approach to clients entails utmost respect, consideration, and genuine care. Working in partnership with them, MCA uses its experience and knowledge to build unbreakable relationships both at boardroom and operational management levels. MCA does everything with pride and flexibility in mind, and it always looks for opportunities to revolutionise its clients’ business. By forging such solid partnerships, MCA understands every pain point in the hospitality world. And, in doing so, it can transform accounting and financial management procedures and establish robust systems upon which the business can be built. Even when the business is steady and stable, MCA can offer services that will shape the future of their business towards growth and potential exit. Working tirelessly, yet calmly, to offer its services, MCA provides monthly bookkeeping, cashflow management, banking relationships, payroll and auto-enrolment, strategic advice, NED function, and much more. Understanding the most up to date market challenges, trends, and innovations, MCA guides its clients to a better place of insight. It is committed to doing the legwork so that they can have peace of mind. With offices in the UK, Italy, Spain, & the Netherlands, MCA can provide its services everywhere. By having an international presence, MCA can offer its experience and perspective in a tailor-made manner – influenced by patterns overseas and here in the UK. For the future, MCA is going to continue on its path of unparalleled service with unwavering love and passion for the industry. It will continue to understand the current times – and it will adapt along the way. With its knowledge of KPIs and industry norms, MCA is set to keep pushing for more experience – and better times for its clients. We are sure that it will always find a way to stay on trend and in the minds of those who need help. Winning Best Specialist Hospitality Accounting and Financial Management Company, 2022 – United Kingdom, MCA has become one to watch in the industry – long may its success continue! Contact: Asif Muhammad Company: Main Course Associates Web Address: https://www.mcainternational.net/