Q3 2022

Jun22175 Strong Software For a Solid Future Ranked the 25th fastest growing tech company in the North, BrightHR is demonstrating its commitment to innovation with its versatile software solution, as well as leading the way in the staff satisfaction stakes. We find out more about this unique company as it wins Most Outstanding HR Software and Support Service Company 2022 – United Kingdom. BrightHR is the UK’s leading digital HR software platform, dedicated to transforming people management, and has been making life easier for employers since 2015 with its range of marketleading HR software. Currently, the company provides HR and business support to 70,000 businesses in the UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia – alongside a suite of support services. The innovative software solution slashes staff admin and boosts productivity by allowing employers to manage all their HR and health and safety in one place and on-the-go. From handling everyday HR tasks, such as logging sickness, calculating holidays, and creating rotas, to creating complex contracts and policy documents, BrightHR gives employers HR technology that’s easy to use, and advice that’s clear, practical, and jargon-free. “At BrightHR we have four values,” BrightHR’s CEO, Alan Price, enthuses. “These are: be an expert, be open, be an ally, and be brave, and we’re committed to sharing and expanding knowledge, taking risks, and helping small businesses and their people thrive.” More than 12,000 new UK companies turned to BrightHR’s services last year, and over 15,000 globally. Over the course of the year, the firm saw a 50% increase in revenue year-on-year, and has partnered with widely recognised brands, as well as launched a successful campaign with Harry Redknapp. With clients ranging from the likes of local cafés to national companies, BrightHR, along with its legal advice arm, BrightAdvice, can offer a service to anybody however the unique challenges of the last two years have seen the firm’s focus shift to supporting businesses in navigating their way through the pandemic. “Having always put our customers at the heart of the business, we have extended the ideas of user-centred design into prioritisation, enabling us to be super connected with customer and prospects needs as they changed day-by-day.” The company was instrumental in guiding the world’s businesses through the pandemic and unprecedented times of difficulty, which it expanded upon with its new, free services such as BrightHR Lightning and Bright Exchange. BrightHR Lightning is a cutting-edge learning system that’s dedicated to providing answers to difficult HR issues - absolutely free. The learning AI is built to develop a greater understanding of management issues and develop its answers accordingly while being constantly updated to follow the latest in UK legislation and employment law. “Since opening the service in October, over 60,000 questions have been asked. That’s over 60,000 instant pieces of advice given to businesses around the UK—and, as a result, over 60,000 matters sorted in less than a minute, with no phone calls and no hourly rate.” The staff at BrightHR are hugely important and are instrumental to the success of the business. They provide a wealth and breadth of roles, from innovating new products to cater to the everchanging business environment, to assisting existing clients with a support team that aims to answer calls within 10 seconds. As a reward for its hard work and dedication, the employees of BrightHR receive a series of benefits that take cues from the same forwardthinking philosophy that the firm was created with. “Whether it’s our own specially brewed beer, or soft drink on a Friday, or a free breakfast every week we help keep everyone social at BrightHQ,” the spokesperson elaborates. “We also provide our EAP, Bright Wellbeing and Counselling, which offers counselling and advice, 24/7, 365 days a year.” Recently, BrightHR was named Most Outstanding HR Software and Support Service Company 2022 – United Kingdom in the 2022 SME Business Elite Awards and the future for the firm is looking very ‘bright’ indeed, with big plans for expansion on the horizon, along with the pledge to continue to tackle the ever-changing landscape of people management and the continuation of delivering to the needs of its users to help it grow, retain, and innovate. “Our vision is to give businesses a brighter future, innovating alongside the ever-changing business environment. With there being a strong demand for talent now, we saw an opportunity to help our clients out by launching The Turbo Talent Navigator in April 2022, our first step into combining core HR and recruitment.” “ Currently, the company provides HR and business support to 70,000 businesses in the UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia – alongside a suite of support services. ” Company: Bright HR Contact: Alan Price Web Address: www.brighthr.com