Q4 2019

27 | Success Stories 2019 Oct19088 Aurora’s Story of Success Founded just two years ago and having already established itself in London with a global reach, the story of Aurora is a remarkable one. Full of success at such an early stage, this boutique consultancy firm is a shining beacon of what can happen when the right people come together to deliver something truly special. As part of our Success Stories in SME News, we take a closer look at the amazing story of this freshman firm. Nestled in the beating heart of London’s city centre lies a relatively new business consultancy firm. Despite still being in its infancy as a business, this consultancy firm has already established itself as a major asset to clients, with a global reach that stretches far beyond the confines of the city. Started by former finance and technology professionals Sean Vickers, Jiwan Laly, and Matthew Benham, Aurora brings a wealth of real-life business and technology expertise to develop complete, practical and sustainable solutions. More than just a consultancy firm, Aurora have helped their business clients through growth, shaping their strategic outcomes, and solving any outstanding business issues. The team, spearheaded by the aforementioned three founders, maintain a razor-sharp focus on everything they do. Helping companies and businesses of all sizes from all over the world, this firm’s success comes from their ability to handle a myriad of challenges that come their way. Just a handful of the services that Aurora provide include being able to help increase profit margins, develop people strategies, build strong brand reputations, innovate new products and services, and find new customers. Businesses can benefit from the team’s knowledge and expertise to grow in courage and confidence, shaping ambitious strategies and visions for the future. That newly- found confidence can go a long way to helping navigate future issues and fulfilling potential. Where Aurora’s success becomes truly outstanding however, is in their already-proven track record of success, and on such a global scale. From global banks and start-ups, to technology firms and a film production company, the firm has helped companies at practical levels in tangible ways. Growing companies can reap the rewards of the team’s fresh thinking around new ideas, business plans, marketing strategies and set-up support. Having seen first-hand the repercussions of things going wrong in businesses without the correct governance, strategic guidance, and financial management, Aurora know that working closely alongside clients is the best way to achieve the best results. Believing that the small business community deserves better advice, the team offer honest, informed, tailored advice that helps small business think big. The team’s honesty and values-driven consultancy work is unparalleled within the industry, gathered over years of experience working within global organisations. Where businesses may have alternative agendas or seek to maximise their own profit, Aurora stand out as a beacon of selfless integrity in helping others succeed before themselves. In doing so, they have cultivated a reputation for being one of the most successful consultancy firms in London. Ultimately, what makes Aurora a true story of success is the remarkable work of the people at the firm. The people have made this boutique consultancy firm into a unique offering where real-life experience and expertise of building, running and growing businesses can help shape the future of companies across the world. Company: Aurora SDE Contact: [email protected] Website: https://aurorasde.com/