Q4 2023

It would be an understatement to say that the COVID pandemic had an impact on the greater commercial industry, with repercussions still rippling across the country and around the world. Ultimately, the world of work has changed, with a greater need to move away from traditional office spaces and further into one of hybridity. Yet, there has and always will be a demand for experts in commercial surveying, though perhaps now that need is one catered towards more expansive expertise, and honed experience. This is a market where the true experts emerge, and one such expert is Allcott Commercial. Kim begins by explaining how the company has differentiated itself over the last couple of years. “As a trusted, RICS-regulated independent consultancy, we pride ourselves on delivering in-depth technical insight and high-quality service for every client. Our ethos is to provide a truly personal service, with project teams that really get to know the clients and their objectives and requirements.” With such a dramatic paradigm shift in the industry, Allcott Commercial has pivoted to work on other areas within their sector, namely regarding the industrial space. Thus, the team have diversified their offerings to include more work within dilapidation services and Section 18 valuations, as Kim continues. “COVID, combined with rising interest rates, has made it a tricky time for the commercial market recently, although there are areas that are prospering. We have built on our work on industrial buildings and warehouses, completing numerous preacquisition surveys, schedules of condition, refurbishments, fit-outs, and structural inspections. The demand for commercial valuation and expert witness support has also remained strong. “We have also been supporting our clients with buildings constructed in the second half of the 20th century by carrying out RAAC surveys. By assessing the level of risk if RAAC is found, and advising on any safety measures that need to be taken, we can provide reassurance where possible, and action plans where required.” Over the last few years, Allcott Commercial has remained a potent force through a cultivation of its internal culture and team dynamic. With a strong trust in its team, the company has been able to navigate uncertainty and challenges as they have arrived. This team is comprised of chartered surveyors and structural engineers, creating a potent two-pillared approach that has been committed to delivering results for clients since the company’s establishment. “Across the company, we have decades of commercial surveying expertise across almost every commercial sector, from hospitality and retail to healthcare and education,” Kim adds. “By employing only experienced, qualified professionals, we ensure that every client receives exceptional, tailored service that meets their specific needs.” More than anything, Allcott Commercial has curated a seamless dynamic between those in leadership and the larger team – and that has been the key to its enduring success. Through a focus on open collaboration and communication to championing continual professional development, Allcott Commercial has everything in place to secure a fantastic future ahead of it. In her closing comments, Kim concludes on how the company approaches supporting its team. “Because our surveying professionals are spread across the country, maintaining a strong team culture is a priority. We have regular meetups and often work in sub-teams on larger projects, and there is a steady stream of chatter and advice on our team WhatsApp groups. Because we are an independent SME, we have the flexibility to design our staff’s roles to play to their strengths and fit around their other commitments. We have supported team members through professional qualifications, expanding their repertoire of surveying expertise and even developing new departments within the company and progressing to partner level. It is incredibly important to us that we work as a collaborative team, and we believe that this shines through in the service we deliver to our clients.” Company: Allcott Commercial Contact: Kim Allcott Website: https://allcottcommercial.co.uk/ Email: info@allcottcommercial.co.uk Telephone: 0333 202 6386 Allcott Commercial is a leading commercial building surveying practice in the UK. Over the years since its foundation, it has secured a robust reputation for delivering client-centric services with in-depth technical insight. We spoke with partner, Kim Allcott following the team’s well-deserved success in this year’s award programme. Here, Kim discusses the impact of the COVID pandemic on the industry, and how Allcott Commercial has thrived in this uncertain landscape through its internal culture. Commercial Surveying Practice of the Year 2023 - England & Wales