Q4 2023

SME News Q4 2023/ 10 Best Family-Owned Insulation Business 2023 As one of the UK’s leading insulation specialists, Smartstone Energy Solutions (Smartstone) provides crucial services to the private sector to reduce energy bills and enjoy a warmer, cosier environment as a result. Its services are empathic and sensitive, its staff willing to go above and beyond to help each customer find the energy solution that is right for them. We took a closer look at the company following its well-deserved recognition in the awards programme. Fundamentally, Smartstone Energy Solutions works with local councils and leading energy providers to help Britain move towards carbon neutrality. Moreover, it strives to give people access to the educational resources of what insulation does, why it’s so important, and where and how a home loses energy. Through this ethos, it promotes a better overall literacy regarding energy and its domestic loss through its intuitive and user-friendly website. With an in-depth guide, it goes through the most common places that perpetrate heat loss, giving practical and actionable solutions that will help a client to improve their insulation, reduce loss, increase efficiency, and save on monthly bills. Indeed, its free home energy audit helps customers to investigate this further. Far from just directing its customers to its expansive knowledge centre and leaving it at that, its diligent and dedicated staff are more than happy to go over things in person, on the phone, through email, or with its free Smartstone Home Energy Audit, something carried out by an independent PAS 2035 Retrofit Certified Assessor. With this person being a third-party worker, clients can build and retain trust in Smartstone as a company, confident that the assessor has no reason to upsell them in any way. This, alongside the transparent and highly client-focused way it works in the macro scale, ensures the building of healthy clientcompany relations. Stroma certified, ECMK accredited, and a member of the National Insulation Association, clients can trust the rigorous joining requirements of each of these governing bodies and are often directed to look up the numerous glowing reviews and testimonials that past clients leave in order to see for themselves why it is such a sector cornerstone. With so many overtly difficult and bloated processes to wrangle when it comes to insulation, Smartstone recognises why so many never make it beyond the first hurdle when it comes to insulation. It hopes to be the company that makes these processes obsolete by operating in the way it wishes to see the whole industry do – in short, leading from the front – in order to handle everything from bottom to top, taking the stress out of the proceedings by taking on the brunt of the navigational work. Nominally, it has worked hard to make itself the simple, cost-effective, reliable solution, one that a customer can trust from start to finish, and without any additional unforeseen strings attached. With reduced energy bills as a direct result and a far cosier home, Smartstone’s customers constantly tout its client-focus and exemplary staff as the reason they use it as their number one insulation solution, recommending it to family, friends, and peers alike in such a way that forms a solid segment of its advertising. It extends its thanks out to every customer who refers it in this fashion. Able to consider each unique aspect of a property, and with new technologies becoming available all the time, each measure opens up a new minefield for customers. It, in essence, takes the stress and complications out of these proceedings by doing all the relevant research for a client, presenting the findings in the context of the home in question in order to make the whole process far more simple, friendly, and undaunting. This also goes for such processes that seem uncomplicated on the surface only because they are hiding numerous hidden depths of overly bloated proceedings, and it hopes to save the customer the irritation, stress, and wasted time of going through finding such things out by only recommending what will work. All of this is handled in its simple three-step process to bettered energy efficiency. When a client follows this, they will soon find insulation less of a minefield and more of a path, one paved by highly achievable milestones and actionable goals that Smartstone helps them with every step of the way. It must be mentioned that Smartstone has recently secured several housing project contracts and other private government contracts to deliver best-in-class solutions for Everwarm and E.on. In addition, the team have signed a new four-year contract on the decarbonisation scheme. By working primarily with private contractors moving forwards, Smartstone Energy Solutions hopes to service a greater number of properties over a greater area of operation – accelerating its drive towards country-wide carbon neutrality. In this, the company has also expanded its team to meet the increased demand of these contracts, a move that will significantly strengthen its mission moving forward into the foreseeable future. Company: Smartstone Energy Solutions Contact: Gary Hanson Website: smartstoneenergy.co.uk