Q4 2023

Born from the desire to connect customers and businesses through the ever-gorgeous medium of flowers, Flowerbx is a luxury brand that prides itself on producing florals for every occasion. Regardless of the season, event, or circumstance, Flowerbx goes the extra mile to produce showstopping arrangements that are perfectly suited to fit the client’s need. Join us as we delve into how such a dedication to delicacy has earned Flowerbx the prestigious title of Best Bespoke Luxury Florist 2023 – London. Luxury Florals Delivered to Your Door Before Flowerbx, there was Whitney Hawkings. As ex-Senior Vice President of Communications at Tom Ford, Whitney had her sights set on a new kind of luxury. One that promised premium, single-variety flowers at an accessible price point. Struggling to find what she was looking for, from both florists and suppliers alike, Whitney quickly came to realise that there was a gap in the market in desperate need of filling. Flower-lovers from London to Manhattan were facing her exact qualms, and it was time for change. And so, Whitney founded Flowerbx – a way to deliver bestin-show florals to the doorsteps of customers from every corner of the globe. Fully committed to uniting people around the world with beautiful, carefully grown flowers, Flowerbx has become the leading luxury floral retailer throughout London. No matter the occasion, Flowerbx proudly sources florals that align with the theme, desire, and intent of the client, all whilst promising a seamless delivery process once a gorgeous arrangement has been brought together. Whether it’s a big, blow-out wedding, or an everyday gesture, Flowerbx has made sure to promise premium levels of quality at an affordable price. Luxury flowers shouldn’t be restricted to the wealthiest of us, and Flowerbx exists as a waypoint for the general populace to indulge in something truly special. Having established immensely strong connections with trusted growers across the market, Flowebx also manages to consistently keep up to date with the season, allowing it to source blooms that perfectly fit in with festive events and occasions. Partnered with its cut-to-order model, the collective promises perfection in every petal – by strictly ordering flowers from the world’s best suppliers when its customers do, Flowerbx has truly broken the mould. The floristry industry is typically renowned for its ongoing battle against waste and procurement, and yet Flowerbx’s revolutionary model ensures every fresh flower plays an active role in increasing sustainability. This is further proven through Flowerbx’s blooms boasting an impressive vase life. With extra-long lifespans, and vivid colouration, the flowers that customers receive from Flowerbx have earned a reputation for standing the test of time. Where most flowers may struggle to persist only a few short days after being presented to a loved one, Flowerbx has put in endless hours to cultivate a way of delivering fresh florals that promise to maintain their poise. As such, not only has Flowerbx taken a huge step forward in terms of sustainability, but it also sees that every customer has the chance to enjoy their premium petals for as long as possible. In short, Flowerbx is a florist that believes in giving the world access to the most beautiful flowers available on the market. Through carefully crafted arrangements, partnered with fantastic delivery services that bring beauty right to your door, it has redefined what customers should expect from the floristry industry. No company has managed to transform the market into something so unapologetically special before, and it’s for this very reason that Flowerbx has been recognised by SME News. Its dedication and love for its craft is infectious, and we can’t wait to see it flourish further in 2024. Company: Flowerbx Web Address: https://www.flowerbx.com/