Q4 2023

SME News Q4 2023/ 20 Best Nationwide Rail Recruitment Specialists 2023 Established in 2019, Resource Rail is a family-run business comprised of an experienced team of railway professionals, all possessing the like-minded ambition to supply the necessary blue- and white-collar support to the UK rail industry. From this starting point, the company expanded in both reach and reputation, now offering an occupational health service as well as recently implementing package works and contracts for some of the UK’s biggest rail businesses. With its leadership boasting more than 20 years of direct industry experience prior to setting up the company, the insight they have garnered allows clients and candidates to be afforded high-quality advice in navigating the nuances of the sector. We speak with employee David Lukehurst, to find out more about the services the company provides that have won it this award. Resource Rail is driven by an unbridled commitment to provide experienced and suitably qualified personnel to rail companies up and down the UK, partnering with some of the biggest and best organisations in the sector. Fully aware of the complexities of the industry, every service provided is tailored to the specific needs of a client, with the standard of service remaining equally high throughout the entirety of the recruitment process. Since operations commenced, the company has succeeded in building relationships that other such businesses could only dream of, complementing a client’s existing team and adding measurable value along the way. At the heart of this existence is a strict moral and ethical code, with the company holding its motto of, “quality services, delivered safely, every time” in the highest regard, as David explains. This acts as Resource Rail’s overarching mission and encompasses its ambition to prioritise safeguarding for workers to assure that a safe, complaint, and professional environment is fostered. Adherence to safety and quality is nonnegotiable for the firm, and it has an array of methods in place to ensure these two areas of its core mission are achieved every day. With its status as a proud family-run business to boot, Resource Rail strives to maintain a unique, personal touch. It is this factor which is sure to help the business in the achieving of its vision, which is to, “become the personal supplier of choice for the UK’s Tier 1 contractors.” Further bolstering this aim is the company’s reliable contacts that stem from a number of channels, with which it works on a regular basis to guarantee that its services remain current and appropriate. This is sure to stand the company in good stead for the future, as it continues to address key gaps in the market for the purposes of putting it one step closer to reaching its goal. Across the industry, Resource Rail has noticed a reduction in projects being approved by higher-ups, with huge preparations happening behind the scenes and railway companies steadying themselves for what challenges may lie ahead. While this side of its business may be experiencing a momentary set-back, its impressive occupational health solutions are continually expanding, with clients regularly using its combination of in-house and on-road health services. These extensive services include blood testing and instant drug and alcohol testing, as well as medical examinations. Driving the business forward is the example it sets in ensuring all staff are trained to a high level, resulting in a positive and professional atmosphere allowing Resource Rail to thrive. Every single employee is equally valued, and a host of opportunities can be found in the fields of career progression and development. Many of the company’s more senior staff have started at the bottom and ascended the ladder, and in turn, encompass the business’ favoured philosophy of hard work and achievement. This is subsequently instilled in new team members, and since recruitment is often carried out on a word-of-mouth basis, those seeking employment at the firm usually embrace these values wholeheartedly. As Resource Rail looks ahead to the future, 2024 is set to be the biggest year on record for the firm to date. Celebrating its fifth anniversary, there is sure to be much reminiscing, throwback, and comparison, with the team reflecting on the exciting journey that has been made so far, which really is just the beginning. A business model rooted in expansion is also ready to go, and the company looks forward to continually securing mid- and long-term contracts to engrave its name into the very fabric of the UK’s rail industry. Contact: David Lukehurst Company: Resource Rail Web Address: https://www.resourcerail.co.uk/