Q4 2023

With more than a decade of experience, Reflex Consultancy is a business consulting firm that specialises in Amazon and e-commerce, helping brands to reach consumers and effectively sell their products online. For its excellent work, Reflex Consultancy has been named Best e-Commerce Support Consultancy, Hampshire, in the Business Elite Awards 2023. E-Commerce Experts Unlocking Brands’ Amazon Potential Striving to help businesses maximise their sales and obtain growth, Reflex Consultancy offers a range of services, including market research, keyword analysis, advertising, and more. Combining agency-grade expertise with personalised consultancy, the firm tailors its services to meet clients’ needs by gaining an in-depth understanding of their business goals. Reflex Consultancy’s process for driving success on Amazon begins with helping clients to understand their own customers. To this end, it combines data points from competitor analysis, category research, customer shopping trends, product reviews, and projected growth. With this information, the firm can effectively develop a winning SEO and marketing strategy to elevate the quality of the client’s operations, enhance their retail readiness, and deliver world-class advertising services. Usefully, the Reflex Consultancy team is equipped with a wealth of experience in consumer and B2B marketing, spanning industries like technology, fashion, beauty, and more. As a result, they are equipped with firsthand knowledge of how the customer journey has evolved over the last 15 years in various sectors, making them the perfect partners to help brands navigate the complexities of the Amazon marketplace landscape. The Reflex Consultancy team is headed by Founder and Director Steve Herrington, a data-driven marketing professional and Amazon marketplace strategist. With experience working internally for both SMEs and global corporations, he understands the challenges that his clients face and is wellequipped to provide them with coaching. Moreover, Steve runs his own consumergoods brand, listed exclusively on e-commerce platforms. With this venture, he and his team put new strategies to the test before recommending them to clients. “We literally put our money where our mouth is,” Steve explains. When they work with Reflex Consultancy, brands gain access to a team of experts that have built a proven track record of success. Utilising their deep understanding of the Amazon marketplace, they have helped countless clients to increase their sales and enhance awareness of their brand. Aiming to ‘add value and be valued’, the firm is proud to deliver value in all its actions and interactions. Many clients consider Reflex Consultancy a great asset to their business and even a part of their own team. Since its recent establishment in 2022, Reflex Consultancy has received many positive testimonials for its work on various projects. For example, the team at Burts Snacks shares, “Burts crisps can now be found on Amazon. Our gratitude goes to Steve at Reflex Consultancy for your invaluable expertise, guidance, and tenacity in delivering what we believe is a great Burts brand story. Steve continues to guide Burts in all aspects of our E-Com planning and will undoubtedly continue to improve our Amazon offer too.” Considering the exceptional work that it has done thus far, helping clients to establish themselves or enhance their sales on Amazon, it is truly no surprise that Reflex Consultancy has been awarded the title of Best e-Commerce Support Consultancy, Hampshire, as part of the Business Elite Awards 2023. In the wake of this achievement, Reflex Consultancy looks towards a bright future as it plans to explore the potential of emerging platforms for selling products whilst testing new methods to further enhance sales on existing platforms. Furthermore, committed to its clients, Reflex Consultancy will continue to take a personal and manual approach to its work, which it believes is most impactful and effective in helping brands to achieve their goals. However, it understands that self-service and automation systems can be beneficial in certain situations and plans to adopt these technologies in the future. We congratulate Steve Herrington and his team on their success in this prestigious awards programme and wish them the best of luck in all their endeavours. Contact: Steve Herrington Company: Reflex Consultancy Web Address: reflexconsultancy.com