Q4 2023

With an extensive network of lending partners, Q-Finance is wellequipped to secure finance for motor dealers’ customers, whether they have a poor credit profile or a great one, whether they are purchasing as an individual or a business, and whether they have an older, prestige, or commercial vehicle. Q-Finance offers customers multi-faceted support, guiding them through the best and most appropriate finance packages available and finding the right match for them. The company provides them with all the information and guidance they need and informs them about how they will be affected moving forward. However, the final decision is entirely in the customer’s hands. From the perspective of the motor dealer, Q-Finance helps to maximise sales by offering their customers some of the best finance packages in the industry. The company delivers a bespoke and unique service, prioritising super quick payments, utilising a fully automated system, and working in a compliant and professional manner. Another key benefit of partnering with Q-finance is gaining access to an online sales team who will work to market the dealer’s vehicles to a UK-wide customer base. Since its establishment, Q-Finance’s core values of simplicity, learning, and customer centricity have remained consistent, despite the pandemic, recessions, and legislative changes that have impacted the world. The company is proud to remain agile amidst significant economic uncertainty but thrives on keeping things simple, taking a straightforward approach and delivering swift response times. Over the years, Q-Finance has built lasting, trusting relationships with its network of lenders through robust internal training, compliance monitoring, and efficient interactions. Similarly, the company is trusted by its motor dealer partners, who can rest assured that their customers are in good hands. Using an online portal, each dealer can access a real time record of the progress of any credit application, keeping them posted on the relevant timescales, decisions, and payout statuses. Operating in a competitive industry, Q-Finance sets itself apart through its willingness to go above and beyond for its dealers and the public. The company is with the customer at every step of their journey, from initial introduction to payout confirmation to aftersales communications. This allows dealers to continue to focus on their day-to-day business with the sale completely taken care of on their behalf. Furthermore, Q-Finance is equipped with a remarkable team of SAFaccredited professionals who collectively boast more than a century of experience in the industry. They are led by an outstanding management team who engage directly with the company’s dealers and lenders, facilitating quicker decisions and allowing the company to change and adapt when needed. This is essential in an industry affected by so many factors, including interest rates, used car prices, new car availability, legislative changes, technology shortages, and more. Internally, Q-Finance is committed to keeping things simple and getting things right the first time. To this end, it operates based on a culture of coherence and communication, which is crucial in such a fast-paced environment. However, the company cares about its team members and strives to ensure that they are comfortable with the pace of work. Furthermore, Q-Finance believes in empowering staff by encouraging them to make decisions, maintaining a succinct and accessible approval process. When expanding its team, Q-Finance primarily views candidates as individuals, aiming to understand their personal background, motivations, family life, and interests outside of work. By learning about their character, the company finds that it can understand their needs more clearly. From this, it strives to align any incentives with their individual circumstances in order to have a more meaningful impact. Furthermore, in hiring, Q-Finance prioritises competency over academic achievement, which they may demonstrate by showing how they have overcome difficult circumstances and effectively adapted to change. As a result of the excellent work of its team, Q-Finance has been named Best Car Finance Broker, UK, in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2023. In the years to come, the company plans to engage more in the B2C market by introducing new technologies and leveraging customer-based marketing techniques. Currently, Q-Finance is growing at an exceptional rate and expects that it will continue to expand sustainably in the future. Contact: Mark Batey Company: Q-Finance Web Address: www.q-finance.co.uk Based in Durham, Q-Finance is one of the UK’s leading independent car finance specialists, partnering with lenders and motor dealers to help the public secure some of the best finance packages on the market. Here, we dive deeper into the company’s work and operations in the wake of its success in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2023. Best Car Finance Broker 2023 – UK