Q4 2023

SME News Q4 2023/ 28 Best Vehicle Repair Specialists 2023 - Dudley Hammonds Fleet Care is a leading accident repair centre based in the West Midlands, offering an extensive range of vehicle repairs, alongside vehicle recovery and replacement services. On the back of the company’s recognition in the awards programme, we spoke with Iram Saber to find out more about the team’s many achievements and esteemed expertise in this arena. An ability to provide a one-stop shop for clients is an immediate distinguishing factor in an environment that can often seem to steer away from client-centric practices. In this, Hammond’s Fleet Care has become a standout element in the greater industry, defined by expertise and experience. Here, Iram begins by outlining the company and its services. “At our accident repair centre, our values revolve around providing exceptional customer service, maintaining the highest quality standards, and ensuring the safety of our clients on the road. These values are the foundation of our success in the industry. To stay true to our values, we constantly invest in trained and experienced technicians who possess indepth knowledge and skills in the field of accident repair. “Additionally, we use cutting-edge technology and top-of-the-line equipment to deliver excellent results. Our commitment to our values ensures that we consistently surpass customer expectations and retain their trust. Our unique selling point lies in our ability to personalise our services according to each customer’s specific needs, providing tailored repair solutions while prioritising safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.” While a focus on expert-driven services has been crucial to the team’s enduring success and reputation, Iram dedicates time to outlining the internal culture of Hammonds Fleet Care. Especially in terms of how that culture has fed into the company’s overall service offering and client-centricity. “As a team, propelling towards collective goals requires effective communication, collaboration, and a shared vision. Establishing open channels of communication fosters trust among team members, so everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and concerns. Regularly communicating progress and reinforcing the team’s objectives will keep everyone aligned and motivated. Successful teams often emphasise mutual respect. By valuing the diverse perspectives and unique strengths of each team member, collaboration becomes more dynamic and efficient.” Communication and collaboration drive the team, and therefore, the company forwards. Equally, as Iram continues, this collaboration allows for a seamless distribution of work according to an individual’s talent and experience. Partnering that with a vision towards shared goals has been a uniquely potent differentiator for the company. “Delegating tasks based on these individual strengths allows for a higher level of productivity and enhances the chances of attaining shared goals. Furthermore, it is essential for a team to have a shared vision. When everyone understands and embraces the team’s purpose and objectives, it creates a sense of unity and encourages collective effort towards achieving common goals. Regularly revisiting and refining this vision allows for growth and adaptation as circumstances evolve.” The future of Hammonds Fleet Care is one defined by expansion and further investment into technology that will help deliver a more efficient service to clients. Much of this is planned for the remainder of the year and into early 2024, acting as a robust foundation to further success down the road. Iram speaks more on those improvements in his closing comments. “At the Accident Repair Centre, we are constantly striving to provide exceptional services and stay at the forefront of the industry. In the coming year, we have plans to expand our facility and invest in the latest technology and equipment. This will enable us to offer more efficient and effective repairs, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality service. We aim to establish ourselves as a leading repair centre in the country, known for our expertise, reliability, and dedication to customer satisfaction. “We also plan to strengthen our relationships with insurance companies and car manufacturers, allowing us to enhance our service offerings and provide comprehensive repair solutions. With our commitment to excellence, we are confident that by 2024, we will be even better equipped to serve our customers and meet their evolving needs.” Contact Details Company Name: Hammonds Fleet Care Ltd. Contact Name: Iram Saber, Operations Manager Address: Hammons Fleet Care, Victoria Road, Halesowen, West Midlands, B62 8HY Web Address: www.hammondsfleetcare.co.uk Telephone Number: 08000096481