Q4 2023

SME News Q4 2023/ 34 Delivering Outstanding Design across the South East Since its establishment in 2006, ShuttersUp has created hundreds of bespoke plantations shutters across the region. Driven through a robust ethos defined by honesty, collaboration, and a commitment to delivering excellence, the company has grown from strength to strength. Director's, Ashley Weight and Ross Evans were eager to discuss ShuttersUp’s product line and expertise following the team’s recognition as this year’s Best Bespoke Window Coverings Business in London and the South East. From the outset, Ashley emphasises the importance of cultivating a strong product offering alongside a strong collaborative approach to the team’s work. This combination has proven to be a potent tool for the company in creating an almost peerless reputation in this industry and market – as competitive as it is. The key ingredient in all of this is client centricity. “We are a multi-award-winning company, gaining three awards last year for best SME, Best in Service, and Commended UK Shutter Installation. Our philosophy is that we don’t make shutters for windows, we make shutters for people. We don’t do what is easiest for us, we do what is best for our customers. That means go the extra mile to understand our customers’ requirements and needs to create shutters that are perfectly tailored to suit.” With industry-leading service levels, and a mission to exceed even the highest of client expectations, ShuttersUp has developed a burgeoning client base. After all, while there’s always a demand for blinds, only the most client-centric companies have been able to thrive in an environment which requires bespoke solutions. Clients want tailored choices, not cookie-cutter options. ShuttersUp fulfils that requirement, and then some. “We’ve got an established history of delighting customers throughout the whole experience, with bespoke shutters for every project, not just made to measure. We provide a lifetime maintenance cover for all shutters installed by us. We are always pushing for continued excellence in our service levels to all customers. Over the next five years, we are aiming scale further to delight more customers with our service over an ever-increasing area. “We focus on delivering excellence not just to our customers, but directly to our team. We believe that it is important to create a vibrant and collaborative environment which inspires all of our team to go further to deliver our vision and mission through their actions every day. Also, as a team, we consistently review our current processes whilst speaking to customers to find out how we can improve and strive to achieve excellence and be the benchmark in our industry.” Equally, in an environment that is becoming far more aware of providing sustainable options for clients, ShuttersUp has positioned itself as ahead of the curve. “Sustainability is very important to us and our team. Our hardwood shutters are made from sustainable trees that are not only perfect for creating long-lasting shutters but are also one of the world’s fastest growing trees, second only to bamboo. The tree itself also does not die on being felled but has the ability to grow a further two to three times after being cut. “We also remove all rubbish from our customers’ properties after installation, which is then taken to our warehouse. The cardboard and plastic is then separated and crushed in specific machinery to create condensed piles that is then given to recycling specialists here in the U.K.” The future of the company very much lies in a continuation on this theme of constant development and innovation in the industry, as Ashley summarises in his closing comments. “We feel it is our duty to do everything we can to keep our footprint as minimal as possible and continue to look at ways to improve on what we already do.” Company: ShuttersUp Contact: Ashley Weight Website: www.shuttersup.co.uk Email: info@shuttersup.co.uk Telephone: 02087761484