Q4 2023

The Padded Seat is a thriving media business that leverages the power of social media to showcase premium hospitality and VIP experiences to sports fans and industry professionals across the world through viral review videos. For its outstanding success, the company has been named Best Hospitality Reviews & Marketing Company, UK, in the Business Elite Awards 2023. Reviewing Experiences, One Padded Seat at a Time In 2022, The Padded Seat was established by Founder Kyle Mattison, a sports enthusiast who was inspired to showcase premium hospitality experiences to other sports fans across the globe. He decided to use social media to pull back the curtain on premium hospitality, aiming to make these exclusive experiences more accessible to the general public. Initially a passion project, The Padded Seat soon evolved into a thriving media business thanks to Kyle’s ambition and hard work. In just 17 short months, it has reviewed over 170 hospitality events, posting short and concise review videos that have consistently obtained ‘viral’ status. This engaging content offers a genuine and detailed insight into what people can expect when purchasing premium tickets to events around the world. Viewers gain an inside look at the best seats, suites, lounges and experiences that major sporting events have to offer. The Padded Seat has gained over a million followers in this time, amassing a loyal following of sports fans and hospitality partners alike. Working directly with rights holders, clubs, and sponsors to promote the most exclusive hospitality packages, it has gained over 80 new clients in the last 12 months. Having become a trusted review brand, it continues to receive invites to review the most premium experiences on the market today. In its work, The Padded Seat offers value in a number of ways. Firstly, sports fans gain a unique insight into their favourite events, providing them with useful information before they purchase their tickets. Secondly, rights holders, sponsors, and clubs receive unmatched publicity, helping them to thrive in a world where it is increasingly difficult to market and publicise premium tickets. In the populated arena of social media marketing, The Padded Seat stands out as the only account to have successfully grown a dedicated and engaged following in the VIP hospitality review space on short form social media. In light of this, it is no surprise that it has become the UK’s top hospitality and review company with no direct competition of the same stature. Kyle believes that The Padded Seat’s USP is its unique brand and market position. He comments, “We've combined traditional ‘influencer’ content and setup with branding and a legitimate business function; this offers a hybrid service that benefits both client and consumer.” In recent months, The Padded Seat has taken on a number of exciting projects. For example, it presented its findings within the hospitality and VIP ticketing industry to LaLiga and subsequent clubs in Madrid, providing insights and tips on best practice. It has also worked with renowned clients across the world, including Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea, West Ham, Harlequins, Leicester Tigers, RSC Anderlecht, FC Copenhagen, FC Basel, RCD Espanyol, Marseille, CS Maritimo, FK Crvena Zvezda, The FA, Miami Dolphins, New York Red Bulls, and many more. Kyle comments, “As the only employee, I have solely navigated negotiating, organising, travelling, producing, editing, and posting content to tight deadlines and across time zones.” The inspiring journey of The Padded Seat is a testament to the power of entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrating what people can achieve when they pour passion, vision, and hard work into a project. Considering its work thus far, there is no doubt that it has earned its title as a leading marketing company for sports hospitality. For this reason, The Padded Seat has been named Best Hospitality Reviews & Marketing Company, UK, in the Business Elite Awards 2023. In the years to come, Kyle primarily plans to expand The Padded Seat’s team, which will enable the company to offer its services to multiple clients at the same time. He also hopes to grow his audience to encompass new territories, demographics, and industries, all while expanding the company’s consultancy arm, improving its merchandise offering, and continuing to network with international clients. With ambitious plans ahead, we expect that The Padded Seat will ascend to new heights in the future, and we wish it the best of luck in all its endeavours. Contact: Kyle Mattison Company: The Padded Seat Web Address: thepaddedseat.co.uk