Q4 2023

SME News Q4 2023/ 46 With the rapid increase of mental health awareness since our country’s emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been more demand for services that’re able to provide effective and affordable private care for those in need of an ADHD assessment. ADHD 360, as a result, was formed with hope that it could pave a brand-new pathway for anyone looking for private ADHD assessments and care. And, as evidenced by its newly gained award-winning status, it’s clear that ADHD 360 has been beyond successful in its endeavours so far. Built on the foundations of 3 professionals’ 60 collective years of experience in public service, as well as a rich background in neurodiversity, ADHD 360 set out to fulfil an incredibly ambitious role. It recognised the lack of support for individuals suffering from undiagnosed ADHD, and sought to rectify this issue before it could worsen in any way. This is all accomplished through its rigorous assessment processes, crafted to grant each patient with the necessities that they could have previously been lacking. In terms of its aims, ADHD 360 has its sights set on a very distinct goal – to bring excellence to a large patient group who’ve been unable to receive treatment, whilst also trying to advocate for enhanced public services. ADHD 360 holds a deep passion for helping the wider world realise the impact that ADHD can have on the lives of thousands across the globe, and it makes this notion clear through its approach towards adapting the way nationally public funded services think and act in relation to neurodiversity. Combine this with an overwhelming dedication to each and every patient, and you’ve got an ADHD assessment clinic that has the best interests of any type of person in mind. So long as you think you may be in need of an ADHD assessment and diagnosis, ADHD 360 will present a variety of options that’re equally crafted, regardless of age, gender, or status. From celebrities to the everyday patient, ADHD 360 sets out to improve quality of life through its services, and does so with a consistent and effective approach at the core of its work. When it comes to these approaches, ADHD 360 has innovated the assessment process in a way that’s both efficient and undeniably impactful. It offers full medical interventions following a detailed and incredibly thorough assessment process, and proceeds to reenforce its treatment options with a full collection of non-medical Following the rise of a multitude of online avenues, each exploring mental health in a way that it’s never been discussed before, there’s been an increase in self-reflection that’s led to one resounding conclusion for many: ‘I think I have ADHD’. Unfortunately, NHS assessments can take years to acquire, which is what’s driven ADHD 360 to completely reform the way we approach the diagnosis process. We delve into how ADHD 360 is consistently providing flawless diagnoses and clinical support for the neurodivergent community, and how it’s amending the mental healthcare system. Most Dedicated ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment Clinic 2023 assistance alternatives, should a patient find a need for them. Be it coaching, counselling, or additional support, ADHD 360 allows patients to make the best decision for themselves at no additional cost following their assessments. Of course, with such an admirable and overarching goal to help those in need, ADHD 360 unsurprisingly has a multitude of values that it strongly adheres to. It recognises the immense worth accompanying attributes such as acceptance, encouragement, learning, protection, and respect, and seeks to represent each and every one of these values through everything it does. Every individual patient should be made to feel as though their requirements are being met, and ADHD 360 works tirelessly to carry out every inch of the process with the same amount of attention to detail and adherence to its values. It views these fundamental aspects as its DNA statements, and it’s clear to see through the work that it’s done with previous patients. One former patient expresses how ADHD 360 “Asked very thorough questions and let me talk about my experience. I actually felt listened to and acknowledged”, a statement that lends itself to the clinic’s complete mastery over deploying its values to concoct positive change within a multitude of individuals. It hears people who need to be heard, and none of it would be possible without the fantastic team behind ADHD 360.