Q4 2023

As for its approach towards ADHD, there’s nobody more understanding than ADHD 360. It’s keenly aware of how the condition can vary from person to person, and the attributes that accompany more extreme ends of the spectrum. As a result, it gives the team at ADHD 360 an unparalleled insight into ADHD, and the necessary assistance that an individual may require in order to ensure their needs are met. This is only viable due to ADHD 360’s strong emphasis on employing staff who are equal parts understanding and kind. Each member of the team has a personal experience when it comes to neurodivergence, which gives them an edge when providing help to a whole array of patients. These incredibly talented and thoughtful individuals serve as the pillars that hold ADHD 360 as high as it is, and their hard work and determination has helped to have a beyond positive impact on the lives of thousands of neurodivergent people since ADHD 360’s inception. Its this careful selection of staff members, coupled with its hard-won ability to marry efficiency with affordability that truly establishes ADHD 360 as an assessment clinic unlike any other. Through sheer perseverance and an overwhelming determination that’s utterly astonishing to witness, the team at ADHD 360 have managed to strike a balance between providing fast services whilst never once having to sacrifice accessibility or quality. And, as a result of its incredible prowess over online referrals and assessments, it’s been able to hone a multitude of areas in a groundbreakingly short amount of time. ADHD 360 really has gone out of its way to view ADHD through a lens that outshines other private assessment clinics throughout the world. Its experts hold a detailed awareness of the struggles that accompanies the condition, and have developed every inch of their processes to forge a steadfast methodology suited to any individual. From crafting a variety of treatment packages, to managing how its services are paid for, it’s considered how those with ADHD would respond to certain challenges, and have worked to minimise any difficulties along the way. As previously mentioned, ADHD 360 presents patients with multiple options when it comes to their preferred treatments. Whilst its gold package encapsulates excellence without the extra bells and whistles, and represents the package that the NHS purchase under contract, its platinum package is where the clinic truly thrives. This package, best suited for those who have additional needs or complexities, embodies absolutely everything any patient could need, whilst still being irrefutably worth the extra cost. Additionally, if patients are recipients of universal credit, ADHD 360 provides a silver package. As the lowest cost, and only available to those on benefits, it tackles the core needs of a patient so they can start taking all of the right steps as quickly as possible. Partner this with payment plans available in monthly instalments, spanning from three to ten months for each package, and it’s clear to see that ADHD 360 presents assessment opportunities that are simply unparalleled in both quality and accessibility. Thanks to its location within the midlands, ADHD 360 is also at an advantage regarding connections and positioning. Its adeptness in remote working and online assessments has opened the avenue for ADHD 360 to pursue international assistance, and its main line of focus currently lies within the Middle East. With the support of UK DIT, ADHD 360 is looking to target regions that have yet to recognise the impact that mental health can have on wellbeing and productivity, and is spearheading the movement towards worldwide change. Though ADHD 360 is already meeting a 1,200 assessments per month target, and completely blowing it out of the water, it’s still determined to set its sights on improving these numbers. It knows that there’s a need for its services everywhere, and is incredibly ambitious in terms of the future of the clinic. When we spoke with ADHD 360, the team communicated that they are aiming to reach a whopping 2,000 assessments per month, and we have no doubt that this incredibly capable clinic will have no issues in meeting that goal in the near future. Before the inception of ADHD 360, its managing director, Dr Phillip Anderton, had the opportunity to garner first-hand experience with the effects of ADHD through his role as a senior police officer. Dr Phillip Anderton saw how undiagnosed ADHD could have detrimental effects on a person’s life as a whole, and knew that change had to be made. As a result, ADHD 360 was formed following an old-fashioned policing ethos: “We run to problems that others run away from”. ADHD 360 is a truly special entity that stands as the most effective form of ADHD assessment currently available, and we are beyond pleased to present it with the prestigious award that it so rightly deserves. Contact: Dr Phillip Anderton Company: ADHD 360 Web Address: https://www.adhd-360.com/