Q4 2023

SME News Q4 2023/ 48 Bringing a Sense of Calm to the Refurbishment of Care Homes Harris Evolution is a company that was established in 2010 after recognising the need for a positive change to be implemented in the commercial refurbishment sector of the construction industry. It has recently been recognised with the title Best Care Home Refurbishments Company 2023 – UK in the Business Elite Awards, following which we decided to take a closer look at what the company does. Harris Evolution was born from a desire to shake up the construction industry, and overcome the (sometimes justified) impression of the sector as ineffective and amateurish. It knows this has been caused by a couple of bad apples in the cart, failing to deliver on promises, missing deadlines, and delivering work that falls below the expected standards. Sadly, it’s always the shoddy work that hits the headlines, and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. This has given rise to the awful contagion of rogue traders/ cowboy builders that blights the industry. Harris Evolution has always been determined to challenge these negative impressions, and return the landscape to a place where old fashioned values of respect and trust are the order of the day. It has made strides to improve things, first and foremost by being careful to fully get to know clients, and establish up front any obstacles it is imperative to overcome. The palpable difference with Harris Evolution is something that was instigated from the very start, with a decision to concentrate on three important values as absolute core principles. These are to “do the right thing”, “always do your best”, and to “show you care.” Operating with these procedures always kept firmly in mind has helped the company to excel in the work it produces, the relationships it fosters, and the continuous hunger for improvement it prizes. Its mission to transform the construction industry takes a step closer to achievement every day, with clients impressed by the topquality craft the company delivers, and the unrivalled levels of customer service. Harris Evolution’s refurbishment services operate in various sectors, namely retirement and care homes, educational settings and student accommodation, and the hotel and leisure territory. It has been acting as principal contractor for a number of high-profile, bluechip clients in the care home and nursery market since 2020, with each and every project requiring a unique approach. As they are ‘live’ environments, Harris Evolution has to be especially careful when carrying out its work on site. It adapts to this in several ways which might include creating temporary facilities, to allow life to continue as normal while work is completed, or by supplying teams at evenings and weekends. The company also employs a dedicated representative to fully coordinate with clients, and ensure any issues that do occur are attended to quickly and smoothly. Sometimes projects require extra security and health and safety measures to be put into action. For example, when working with facilities that care for young children, or at care homes or retirement villages where there may be older persons suffering from dementia. In such cases the team are diligent about returning items, like furniture, to the exact place they belong, and will allocate the necessary time to do so at the end of the day. This is so as not to cause residents any undue distress. Harris Evolution is a company eager to innovate, and has united with the University of West England and KTN to introduce knowledge transfer partnerships that help it to streamline internal processes. This has helped the company to improve performance and efficiency with new software platforms and a sustainable paperless system now employed. It hopes to continue accessing and implementing new technologies that enhance the services it offers. One of its intentions in this department is to be able to help clients extend the life of their refurbished locale in proactive ways post-handover. Compassion and support are key drivers behind Harris Evolution, a mindset that has helped the company grow even during challenging times. It strongly believes that a business is only ever as good as the people that work for it, and thus it is vitally important its people are armed with the right ethos just as much as the necessary work skills. It champions a culture of transparency and honesty, which it feels is absolutely crucial in the world of construction. It is this kind of commitment and laudable attitude that is leading this award-winning company to truly excel in the world of construction, particularly when it comes to delivering stress-free refurbishments in places, such as care homes, which require the utmost peace and calm. Company: Harris Evolution Web Address: https://www.harrisevolution.com/ Contact Name: Patrick Ward