Q4 2023

Dropshipping is an inventive way to unite products with customers in a direct fashion. It is very popular in the ecommerce world, where retailers often don’t stock a full inventory of items themselves, but rely on order fulfilment from third party suppliers. When a customer chooses and pays for an item, the order is passed on automatically to the supplier for shipping, thus negating the need for the business selling the product to keep it in stock and thereby reducing their costs and saving them space. The delivery arm of the equation, the establishment that actually deals with the order, is the part that is known as the dropshipper. Avasam offers a dropshipping platform that helps to unite business sellers and a wide choice of dropship suppliers. It has official partnerships with many big-name supply businesses including eBay, Amazon, Wish, Spotify, and more. Its aim is to connect businesses with verified local suppliers and allow them to source inventory in a safe, efficient manner. Using Avasam enables clients to streamline their entire supply chain process, leaving them at liberty to concentrate on growing their business. They can be sure the logistics are always safe in the hands of Avasam. Using innovative technology allows Avasam to automate processes across the board. This means that errors are vastly reduced, productivity is enhanced, and both sellers and suppliers can enjoy a more profitable experience. Avasam is particularly focused on the UK supply world, but not to the detriment of areas further afield. It is certainly interested in creating opportunities for cross-border selling in regions that are more geographically diverse, as and when it can. From the very get go Avasam has championed values such as carefully curating partnerships with retailers, suppliers, and industry specialists. It also promotes searching for innovative ways to improve its services, acting with integrity at all times, and remaining committed to uncovering the true potential of dropshipping for clients. The platform offered by Avasam is designed to ensure UK sellers have all the tools they need to set-up and successfully run an online dropshipping business. This encompasses growing areas of ecommerce such as selling via social media. To this end, Avasam has set up an integrated, automated interface with TikTok, that has taken the best part of a year to culminate. It has also launched a marketplace solution that invites people to establish their own online platforms, leveraging the power of dropshipping. It is currently in the process of augmenting its service with AI capabilities. The point of this is to help equip users with SEO-friendly titles and descriptions in their ecommerce shops, all at the touch of a button. Avasam is looking forward to being able to further expand its operations in the US, and other English-speaking nations, and working to foster its network of engaged users far and wide. One of the ways it plans to do this is by offering more opportunities to customise and personalise experiences to better meet the needs of each retailer and supplier. Avasam thinks there’s an art to dropshipping, and it’s one that requires intuition and balance. It likens clients selecting products with the precision a painter might use to select the perfect colour palette. Understanding audience desires and predicting trends all play into the forte of the dropshipper. One final consideration worth noting with regards to Avasam’s dropshipping solutions is the way its streamlined processes are positively contributing to sustainability. This is because increased steps in the supply chain mean a bigger carbon footprint. Dropshipping reduces the steps, as it cuts out the supplier sending the item to the ecommerce shop only for them to send it on again to the buyer. Dropshipping takes a more direct route, straight from supplier to buyer. This substantially reduces carbon emissions, as well as the amount of packaging materials needed. All of which is much better from an environmental standpoint. Clearly, dropshipping is the future! Company: Avasam Web Address: https://www.avasam.com Contact Name: Tejas Dave Avasam is a vital, award-winning assistant in the world of ecommerce, helping clients to set-up and grow their online businesses. It connects sellers with verified local suppliers, and automates the supply chain from source to sale. It has now been recognised as the Most Innovative Dropshipping Service Provider 2023 in the SME Business Elite Awards, following which we decided to take a closer look at how the business works. Scale Up Your UK Dropshipping Business