Q4 2023

SME News Q4 2023/ 50 Best Family-Run Mobile Mechanic Business 2023 - Hampshire Going to get your car fixed at a garage is unanimously recognised as one of the most stressful experiences for any vehicle owner. No matter how brilliant your mechanic may be, there’s almost always a sense of dread when you discover there may be something wrong with your car. Aiming to eliminate this mindset altogether is EJ’s Motor Services Limited. Owned and ran by Edd Hankers, with the help of his wife, this garage-on-wheels is in the business of making vehicle repair worries a thing of the past. In 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Edd Hankers had an idea, the tools in his car, and £500 in his bank account. From there, he founded EJ’s Motor Services Limited – a business that would quickly become renowned throughout the South of England. Now widely recognised by the everyday customer and corporations alike, Edd’s repair services promise a level of personability that your typical garage simply can’t match. Keeping vehicles up and running is EJ’s Motor Services Limited’s bread and butter, but forming stable relationships with clients is where it truly thrives. When speaking with Edd about how he conducts himself throughout his business practises, he made it exceptionally clear that, despite his success, he is still very much so a man of the people. He avidly seeks to connect with each customer on a more personal level than most, and the mobile nature of his business only goes on to further this notion. In fact, Edd often details himself as more of a guest to his customers – as opposed to forcing individuals out of their comfort zone, his mobile capabilities allow him to bring the brilliance to them. Partnered with Edd’s dedication to keeping things simple, requesting a repair has never been easier. And yet, it wasn’t always this way. At the beginning of the present year, Edd experienced an incredibly difficult time with the business. Due to the ever-present cost of living crisis, individuals were requesting quotes, but found themselves unable to follow through with the services. Though he has built a solid reputation due to sourcing only the highest quality of components for both repairs and services, it was an unfortunate truth that customers weren’t able to enlist his help. Despite experiencing such a low point, Edd gathered his courage, fuelled his determination, and set out to overcome the challenges before him. Now, EJ’s Motor Services Limited boasts exceedingly impressive contracts with some of the largest essential service corporations throughout the South of England. Mostly leaning towards roadside maintenance for fleets with upwards of 30,000 vehicles, Edd has proven that perseverance has the power to completely reshape the very future of a business. He has truly put in the work to guideEJ’s Motor Services Limited to the point it finds itself at today, and he has even geared it towards pursuing ambitious ventures in the near future. For now, however, EJ’s Motor Service Limited stands as its own unique entity – a mobile repairs service that offers roadside maintenance to individuals and contractors alike. Combined with the fact that Edd recently obtained all of the necessary qualifications to perform mobile maintenance on electric vehicles – one of the only technicians in the country to do so - EJ’s Motor Services Limited has never had a brighter future. Through the brilliance of both Edd and his wife, it’s certain that the business’s avid dedication to its craft will continue to propel it forward as it takes its next big step. We’re so incredibly excited to share Edd Hankers business with our clients. When times seemed tough, this recognition came as a beacon of hope, ultimately spurring Edd on to keep pursuing his dreams. Now, accomplishing those dreams is closer than ever, and we simply couldn’t be happier. EJ’s Motor Service Limited is an award-winning mobile maintenance service upon which anyone in the South can truly depend. Contact: Edd Hankers Company: EJ’s Motor Services Limited Web Address: https://www.ejsmotorservices.co.uk/