Q4 2023

SME News Q4 2023/ 56 Best Local Laundromat 2023 - Hertfordshire Bushey Dry Cleaners is a premier dry cleaners and laundrette owned and operated by Bharti Hirani. The business is a reliable asset to its community, providing essential cleaning services to residents and local businesses. Its overarching mission is to become a nonprofit organisation, supporting vulnerable members of its community and providing work opportunities for people with learning and physical disabilities. By utilising the best products and equipment in the industry, Bushey Dry Cleaners consistently delivers a professional service that guarantees customer satisfaction. Bushey Dry Cleaners has received a Southern Enterprise Award for this year’s Best Local Laundromat – Hertfordshire. In 2019, Bharti Hirani and her husband purchased the laundrette in order to provide a job for their adult daughter with additional needs. Their daughter has since found work as a sports coach for individuals with learning and physical disabilities. Bushey Dry Cleaners is dedicated to being an asset of community value and aims to become a non-profit to further support its patrons. Its clientele includes local residents, SMEs, national companies, and many customers from further afield. Through a combination of fine craftsmanship and advanced fabric care techniques, every item is professionally dry cleaned and returned in perfect condition. Bushey Dry Cleaners cleans all fabric types including leather, designer wear, and delicate clothing such as wedding and communion dresses. Its services include curtain and duvet cleaning, professional shirt cleaning, business and commercial cleaning, and alterations and repairs. The business uses the best products available and follows manufacturer instructions to ensure all items are properly treated and finished to the highest standard. Bushey Dry Cleaners provides a complete, customised service with all clothes thoroughly cleaned, dried, folded, and ironed. With its wide range of commercial laundry washing machines and dryers, Bushey Dry Cleaners offers businesses unrivalled service and prompt delivery. Its clientele includes restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, schools, hairdressers, coffee shops, bakeries, sports clubs, and many more. Owner Bharti Hirani and her highly skilled team can perform alterations and repairs to rejuvenate any garment. With over 25 years’ experience, the business’s expert tailor and seamstress is always ready to meet clients’ requests. Bushey Dry Cleaners proudly partners with local charities and projects and is a drop-off point for the local foodbank and Sebby’s Corner. The laundrette collects and raises money for other local charities like Keech Peace Hospice and GoodsforGood, to name a few. Bharti Hirani is passionate about helping vulnerable members of the community and spending time with those who are lonely, bereaved, or need additional support. The team are specialists in their work and clean all manner of garments and bedding. Bharti uses the best products in the industry and has invested in the finest equipment in order to produce incredible results. She has established relationships with expert cleaners so that if an item cannot be cleaned in-house, it is sent to a professional. Bushey Dry Cleaners partners with a renowned fur and suede cleaner and one of the UK’s best wet cleaners. When the business cannot afford the latest equipment, Bharti ensures that she collaborates with the best cleaners available to guarantee that customers receive a first-class service. Over the last few years, Bushey Dry Cleaners has observed more garments requiring gentler cleaning processes and milder cleaning chemicals. Bharti has also noticed less use of plastic garment covers with more customers buying multi-use covers and bags. These changes reflect the shift in consumer behaviour towards sustainability and will ultimately help to preserve the environment. It is Bharti’s goal for the business to become a non-profit organisation in order to further support local charities and projects. The next step will involve implementing a management team to handle the day-to-day running of the business. The future looks bright for Bushey Dry Cleaners and its expert team will continue to work hard to deliver its specialist services to the community. Their craftsmanship and skilled use of cleaning techniques ensure that customers always receive a professional service with items cleaned to the highest possible standard. For its essential services and charitable commitment, Bushey Dry Cleaners has received our award for this year’s Best Local Laundromat – Hertfordshire. Contact: Dilip Hirani Company: Bushey Dry Cleaners Web Address: www.busheydrycleaners.com