Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 24 Scottish based Flare is a leading global specialist provider of critical safety solutions. They provide essential safety services for sectors including oil and gas, marine and shipping, renewable energy, and commercial environments. Their innovative fire and safety protection services ensure solutions for installations and assets worldwide, safeguarding human life and protecting facilities. Whilst the thought of a fire breaking out anywhere is unwelcome, to say the least, it is hard to think of a worse location for it to take hold than an offshore platform or installation. Fortunately, Flare is exactly the trusted global partner to turn to for protection and provision of critical safety services in such situations. They install and commission safety systems that protect human life, and safeguard vital installations all across the world. The company is driven by a culture strongly rooted in safety, and inspired to deliver sustainable and efficient solutions for their valued clients in any number of sectors. Flare strategically combines innovation and sustainability with their uniquely tailored safety solutions that are bolstered by dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to honesty. Flare are focussed on building a greener way forward and collaborate with like-minded organisations to help carve out a carbon-neutral future. Flare’s core service involves the design, supply, commissioning, and maintenance of fire and safety solutions, complimented by a diverse array of offerings ranging from PRV and critical gauge services, hazardous environment services, gas detection services, and more. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Flare operates from an optimal, fully accredited Service Centre of Excellence from where they carry out a wide spectrum of in-house specialities as well as operating a comprehensive fleet hire division that caters to both domestic and international clients. The organisation has proven expertise in safety equipment supply, aftermarket care, equipment lifecycle management and preventative service & maintenance programmes. Flare’s services are wellrecognised as a guarantee of safety, reliability, and peace of mind in a rapidly evolving world. Flare’s mission is to provide a pioneering approach to safety, delivering excellence in operations from every facet of the business. The team are constantly seeking new ways to exceed what are already very high standards in worldwide safety services, with a distinctive focus on technical proficiency, proactive project management, and unrivalled customer service. Flare are renowned for delivering practical solutions to challenges, prioritising safety, and ensuring operational performance. The fundamental aspects of Flare’s value system focus on safety, trust, consistency, reliability, and agility. Safety because it seeks to ensure the wellbeing of all stakeholders, trust because it wants to always build enduring partnerships, consistency because it guarantees dependable services, reliability because of its sustainable practices, and agility because it adapts to evolving industry and client needs with grace and speed. Combined, these are values that are essential to Flare’s daily operations, and guide them to delivering reliable and coherent solutions. Flare recognises the intrinsic value of their staff, realising that it is through the team’s skills and shared commitment to success that the company attains excellence. The organisation actively empowers each individual to contribute to the organisation in a positive way and fosters a strong sense of unity. The team’s second-to-none industry knowledge, commitment to ethical practice, and sharp adherence to sector regulations form the bedrock of Flare’s entire operations, and ensures they consistently deliver an outstanding service to their clients. This is how the company stays ahead of the curve, with industry leading teamwork and passion for meaningful innovation. Looking at key industry developments in Scotland, Flare is excited to see the region making a welcome move towards embracing renewable energy sources. With a particular focus on wind energy and carbon capture tech, Flare is hopeful the UK will reside at the very forefront of the market, with many initiatives introduced that help local businesses reduce their carbon footprint and promote organic growth into these new sectors. A further development of key interest to Flare is the opening of the new Aberdeen Harbour. This venue’s modern infrastructure is enhancing logistics and trade, whilst also indicating the region's commitment to nurturing economic growth and maritime activities. Furthermore, the Rosebank Field has recently emerged as a safety industry focal point. It presents new opportunities and challenges, and showcases the potential of oil and gas resources in the region. The renewal of licenses in the oil and gas sector heralds potential new drilling and operating activities Most Trusted UKWide Safety Service Provider 2023 “Our team is at the heart of everything we do at Flare. Without their dedication, expertise, and passion for industry safety, none of our achievements would be possible.”