Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

The Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023, organized by SME News, is a prestigious awards program that aims to recognize and honour the outstanding achievements of businesses operating in Scotland. This esteemed event shines a spotlight on the remarkable success stories, innovations, and contributions made by businesses across various industries in the vibrant Scottish business landscape. These awards highlight businesses of all sizes and industries in Scotland. From small startups and local enterprises to established companies and multinational corporations, this awards program celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the Scottish business community. Whether you’re a technology firm in Edinburgh, a manufacturing company in Glasgow, or a creative agency in Aberdeen, the Scottish Enterprise Awards provide a platform to showcase your accomplishments and gain industry recognition. In 2023, Scottish businesses are experiencing positive trends, including increased turnover for a third of companies in February and rising business confidence focused on innovation and growth. Despite macroeconomic challenges, annual investment volumes in Scottish commercial property continue to rise, reflecting the resilience and attractiveness of the market. Scottish businesses are also driving advancements in industries like renewable energy, technology, tourism, and food & drink, emphasizing sustainability and innovation. These trends contribute to Scotland’s economic prosperity and position the nation on the global stage. Editors Letter Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: Sofi Parry Editor

Contents 6. BRAG Enterprises: Most Empowering Employability & Regeneration NPO 2023 8. Pristine Safety and Security: Best Safety & Security Training Service Provider 2023 10. J & R Tweedie: Best Family-Run Coffin Production Business 2023 12. Jim’s Garage Ford & Mazda: Best Vehicle Rental Business 2023 - Shetland Islands 14. Homegrown: Designer Garden Centre of the Year 2023 - UK 16. Lothian Memorials: Most Trusted Family-Run Memorial Company 2023 18. Sarah Kay Arts: Most Innovative Oceanscape Artist 2023: Sarah Kay 20. Allstone Glasgow Ltd: Soils & Aggregates Supplier of the Year 2023 - Lowlands 22. James Orpwood Mountaineering: Best Guided Mountaineering Experience 2023 24. Flare Fire Safety Engineering Limited: Most Trusted UK-Wide Safety Service Provider 2023 26. I-Chai: Best Chinese Cuisine 2023 - Glasgow 28. East of Scotland Growers Ltd: Best Vegetable Crops Producer 2023 30. Perfect Clean: Commercial Cleaning Rising Star 2023 32. Orchard Cottage Care Ltd: Most Supportive Children & Young Persons Residential Home 2023 - Ayrshire 34. CD Decorators (Ayrshire) Ltd: Best Specialist Decorating Company 2023 – Western Scotland 36. Horizons Residential Care Limited: Best Residential Children Care Home 2023 38. The Scottish Shutter Company: Best Window Coverings & Treatments Business 2023 40. MB Plant: SME Lifetime Achievement Award 2023: Alexander Rennie 41. MB Plant: Industrial Equipment Rental Company of the Year 2023 42. Successful Learning Solutions: Best Digital Skills / English Support Learning & Development Enterprise 2023 43. Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research: Best Family History Research Company 2023 44. The Realm VR: Best VR Gaming Venue 2023 - Edinburgh 45. Glasgow Garden Maintenance: Best Tree Surgeon & Arboricultural Business 2023 - Central Belt 46. Kilmacolm Farm Tours: Most Unique Agriculture Experience 2023 47. Chilled Dawgz Dog Daycare & Pet Services: Best Small & Medium Dog Daycare Centre 2023 - Glasgow 48. Bonnie Banks: Best Highland-Themed Stay 2023 49. Neurolabs: Best Retail Computer Vision Technology Company 2023 50. Mitchell’s of Castle Douglas Ltd: Best Wholesale Produce Business 2023 - Dumfries & Galloway 51. Corrinne Muir Interiors: Commercial Interior Design Firm of the Year 2023 - Central Belt 52. Gledpark: Venison Producer of the Year 2023 53. Big AL Events L: Best Events & Entertainment Company 2023 54. Proximo 3: Business Software Consultancy of the Year 2023 55. The Boudingait: Customer Service Excellence Award 2023 & Best Dog-Friendly Bar & Restaurant 2023 – Fife 57. D Moodie Co.: Most Trusted Family-Owned Funeral Directors 2023 58. Kilmac Limited: Civil Engineering & Construction Firm of the Year 2023 - East Scotland 59. Highland Carbon: Best UK Carbon Credit Supplier 2023 60. The CV Guru Group: Best Recruitment Services Company 2023 & CV Writing Company of the Year 2023 61. Core Conservation: Most Trusted Building Conservation Specialists 2023 62. CC Supplies: Best Asset & Horsebox Broker 2023 – Northern UK

63. Cairnhill Lodge: Best Highland Retreat 2023 64. Insch Golf Club: Most Hospitable Golf Club 2023 65. GJS Joinery: Best Bespoke Joinery Business 2023 - Aberdeenshire 66. RADIX (RADIX Base Systems Ltd): Most Innovative Sustainable Construction Company 2023 67. Thistle Care Solutions: Home Care Business of the Year 2023 - Fife 68. J.A & G.D Nicolson: Best Haulage & Coach Operator 2023 - Shetland Islands 69. Arniston Estate Partnership: Best Rural Estate 2023 - Midlothian 70. e2w Property Services: Most Client-Focused Estate Agents 2023 - Highlands 71. Image on Glass: Leading Innovators in Sustainable Glass Decoration 2023 72. Fine Finishes Eco-Coatings Ltd.: Best Eco-Friendly Insulation & Rendering Company 2023 73. Simply Solutions Group Ltd: Best Card Payment Solutions Company 2023 74. 1LET: Best Property Management Company 2023 – Edinburgh & SME Customer Service Award 2023 75. Supertonic For Design: Experiential Interior Design Innovators of the Year 2023 76. Ethical Engineering: Best Emerging Diesel Equipment Maintenance Firm 2023 77. Fairways Scotland Limited: Best Bespoke Luxury Golf Tours Provider 2023 78. The Auto Lounge Limited: Best Luxury Car Dealership 2023 - Aberdeenshire 79. Samtaler (The Social Value Agency): Best Woman-Run Bid Writing & Social Procurement Consultancy 2023 80. GA R&D Ltd: Most Innovative UK-Wide Steam Power Generation Innovators 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 6 Rapidly approaching 35 years of operation, BRAG Enterprises was formed in 1989 with one core purpose in mind – to encourage the regeneration of communities in Benarty through the creation and support of sustainable employment and training. Now hailed as a first within Scotland, its charitable nature hasn’t gone unnoticed. Though it may have over three decades under its belt, BRAG Enterprises has maintained its outlook, and now boasts a wide variety of initiatives for those looking for local employment. Join us as we take a peek into its history, and how it has supported individuals throughout the region. BRAG – Benarty Regeneration Action Group – Enterprises is a nonprofit organisation that has spent almost 35 years tirelessly working to improve the lives of those within the local area. Trading as one of Scotland’s first social enterprises, with charity registration to its name, it has adapted over time to become the collective that we see today. Though not much has changed in terms of its primary goal, it has managed to grow its range of services, whilst also extending its reach across Fife. Now, BRAG Enterprises boasts over 42 members of staff, and an additional 20 volunteers, each prepared to give their all for the sake of empowerment within the employability and regeneration field. Having been born from the debilitating social and economic impact of local pit closures all the way back in the late 1980s, BRAG Enterprises took it upon itself to convert two of its owned buildings into a community enterprise space. Within this space, it invited trading as community enterprise centres, whilst guaranteeing an easy transition either in or out of terms for businesses. As a result, BRAG Enterprises managed to reintroduce an accessible means for those facing unemployment to rediscover a source of income, with its centres often being sought after by startups in need of an uplifting boost. Though, at first, BRAG Enterprises’ centres were predominantly coveted by businesses starting out, they now have occupants who have been on the site for over three decades. This lends to the overall community feel that BRAG Enterprises has managed to cultivate throughout the years. Many praise it for this quality – its centres promote an unrivalled sense of togetherness. Despite this being the initial intention, BRAG Enterprises is still incredibly proud of its ability to establish a place in which businesses and individuals truly feel welcome. However, its community enterprise spaces aren’t all that BRAG Enterprises has to offer. On the contrary, its wide range of initiatives perfectly compliments its venture to empower as many people as possible. Encompassing employability, business, support, retraining, and recruitment initiatives, BRAG Enterprises assists in identifying how to best hone a collective’s strongest skills. It’s particular focus, however, is delivering to areas of high deprivation, often referred to as SIMD sites – Scottish Indices of Multiple Deprivation. Essentially, these sites have been distinguished as ones that require additional support in multiple veins, and BRAG Enterprises has committed itself to delivering said assistance. Through the surplus income from its business spaces, it’s able to complement existing employability funding from both local and national governments, all whilst earning the favour of independent trusts and commercial contracts from which BRAG Enterprises receives support. One of its most notable accomplishments in this branch is its Fife Employability and Training Consortium project. In this initiative, BRAG Enterprises played a crucial role in gathering together the capabilities of seven third sector specialists in order to help individuals return to work as part of the Scottish Government’s No One Left Behind initiative. Through this project, BRAG Enterprises managed to demonstrate an unrestrained compassion for its fellow person, and granted individuals the opportunity to thrive, despite difficulties. It didn’t let distance dissuade it, and instead went the extra mile to secure assistance for the ones who needed it most. Despite working in tandem with a government initiative, BRAG Enterprises applied its own personal touch – uniting communities with the intention of supplying aid to any who were struggling to get back into employment. However, BRAG Enterprises has even more to offer. One such programme that it proudly runs is its Bright Futures employability provision. Targeted towards 19-24 year olds across Fife, namely those affected by adverse childhood experiences, it provides access to a vast array of engaging provisions. In turn, it actively supports them on their journey towards sustainable employment, with most eventually gaining the necessary tools to find their lifelong career path. Accessible to all, and focused on a vital point in any young person’s life, BRAG Enterprises works in tandem with the goals and aspirations of each individual to help them reach the happiness that they’ve been striving for. Over the last year alone, it has already successfully seen 61 young people move into sustainable employment. Most Empowering Employability & Regeneration NPO 2023

For those over 25 years of age, BRAG Enterprises has devised a similar programme known as Spring Forward. Enhancing the skillsets of those who have been unemployed for longer periods of time, including individuals who have had multiple barriers preventing them from retaining a job, BRAG Enterprises helps them discover the best ways in which to improve themselves. Identifying where they could adapt themselves in order to find the best employment opportunities for them is where BRAG Enterprises specialises, and it has served many in realising that sustainable employment isn’t as difficult to obtain as it may seem, given the right amounts of time, patience, and encouragement. BRAG Enterprises captures the very picture of support. Though it has had ups and downs, it has never once deferred from its original goal – to operate as a nonprofit organisation that’s able to teach, uplift, and inspire the next generations to find their place in the world. Regardless of the obstacles posed by the economy and drastic changes in demand, BRAG Enterprises has taken everything in its stride. This adaptability is its defining characteristic. Having built up an undeniable strength over the course of more than three decades, BRAG Enterprises now stands as a testament to what can be accomplished, should one believe in those who need a little nudge to reach the next important step of their lives. Contact: Brian Robertson-Fern Company: BRAG Enterprises Web Address:

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 8 The business, founded by Consultant Director and Lead Instructor Paul Smith, is constantly striving to improve its services and further support its diverse clientele. Staff at Pristine Safety and Security have training in Health, Safety and Social Care, Fire, First Aid, Mental Health, Conflict Resolution, and Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA). The organisation also employs specialists with Security Train the Trainer qualifications, which hold trainers to national occupational standards and allow them to develop technical skills to support their professional development. Offerings at Pristine Safety and Security include training, assessment, and internal and external quality assurance services. The company also provides consultancy coaching, leadership, mediation, risk management, and hypnotherapy services. Its tailored training solutions can be delivered in-house or at a location of the client’s choice. In-house training offers clients a cost-effective solution with the option to tailor a bespoke course to meet a business’s individual needs. Pristine Safety and Security can arrange for ongoing professional development activities to establish best practices and maintain CPD records for clients. Consultant Director Paul Smith has maintained a clear vision for the company, aiming to achieve an adaptable and professional approach. Paul is a master level instructor, specialising in offering accredited qualifications and personalised training courses. His in-depth understanding of learning and development, training, assessment, and quality assurance has shaped the creation and delivery of the organisation’s combined service solutions. Paul also acts as an external consultant quality assurer for qualification awarding bodies and provides services such as quality assurance auditing and quality assurance inspections to colleges, high schools, and nationally renowned organisations. Pristine Safety and Security is passionate about delivering combined service packages to fulfil the specific requirements of its clients. The business understands that shelf packages cannot offer the same fluidity as bespoke services, which can be created to address any topic of the client’s choice. By offering needs-based packages, Pristine Safety and Security can focus on clients’ specific needs, contributing to the quality of Established in 2016, Pristine Safety and Security prides itself on its combined service solution, designed to improve the overall quality of clients’ services. Its tailored selection of training solutions utilises years of practical knowledge and experience to offer bespoke packages that cater to clients’ individual needs. It is the mission of Pristine Safety and Security to provide a dynamic and fluid service solution delivered by its highly qualified, professional team. For its client-focused services, Pristine Safety and Security has received our award for this year’s Best Safety & Security Training Service Provider. Best Safety & Security Training Service Provider 2023

its training, assessments, and quality assurance practices. The results are improved learning and development for clients’ workforces. The business believes in forming strong working relationships with clients in order to fully understand their requirements. Pristine Safety and Security are client-focused and treat every organisation as an individual. The company remains in contact with clients to receive feedback and inform them of developments in the subject areas touched upon in their training. Pristine Safety and Security is proud that its combined service solutions extend beyond simple training to help clients foster new skills and encourage their future development. Many businesses today face overwhelming changes that naturally require them to adjust to shifting internal and external factors. Organisations find themselves needing to evolve and develop new skills and agile strategies. Pristine Safety and Security directly addresses these needs with its systematic approach and focus on the delivery, assessment, and quality assurance of its training. Pristine Safety and Security does not compete with other training providers as it believes that businesses offering seemingly cost-effective solutions can be less reliable. Providers focused on cutting costs are more likely to rely on freelancers and instructors who are not accredited or even qualified to create and deliver training. All instructors at Pristine Safety and Security are fully qualified to deliver, assess, and quality assure the training and qualifications on offer. The company is a registered centre and is approved by qualification awarding bodies that are themselves approved by Ofqual. Pristine Safety and Security delivers qualifications on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and the Scottish Credit Qualification Framework (SCQF). The business is also an approved and licensed Continuous Professional Development provider with the CPD group and provides CPD certificates and points for all courses, including those designed specifically for clients. With a base in Glasgow and Ayrshire, Pristine Safety and Security has an ideal location to access clients across Scotland. The business has recently invested in an e-learning platform, which has extended its reach to clients all over the UK and beyond. This new platform allows new and existing clients to easily access training courses and achieve qualifications regardless of location. Pristine Safety and Security seeks to consistently expand its portfolio and aims to open new innovative training hubs across the UK, Wales, and Ireland. The company has remained steadfast in its core values of integrity, honesty, openness, and trust. Company values lay the foundation for a positive internal culture and Pristine Safety and Security aims to recruit team members that will collaborate to achieve its shared mission. Founder Paul Smith is dedicated to fostering new talent and inspiring individuals to be the best they can be. Paul seeks employees who are willing to learn and develop their own personal and professional development. This has been an exciting year for Pristine Safety and Security, who have received this year’s UK Enterprise Award for Best Safety and Security Company – Glasgow and have now been honoured with the Scottish Enterprise Award for Best Safety and Security Training Provider. Looking ahead, Pristine Safety and Security aims to collaborate with clients to create internal training teams in order to upskill their staff and predict changing business needs. On its mission to provide unparalleled training, assessment, and quality assurance services, Pristine Safety and Security looks forward to collaborating with like-minded professionals and businesses to shape the future of the training sector. Contact: Paul Smith Company: Pristine Safety and Security Web Address:

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 10 Best Family-Run Coffin Production Business 2023 J & R Tweedie is a company of long-standing function that manufactures and provides funeral director supplies. It is known for building a range of high-quality coffins and caskets suitable for final goodbyes at cremations or burials. The company is proud to accommodate special requirements, and works with diligence to ensure all products are available when required. J & R Tweedie is a family run company that was established in 1996. It is located in Annan, Dumfriesshire, and has always ensured it recruits skilled and suitable staff from within the local area. This has helped it to form a close knit, caring and professional team who work together to always ensure the company can be relied on to deliver a quality product. The company was founded by Rod Tweedie, who has steadfastly always believed in providing a service of the utmost efficiency and quality. To further underline the company’s raison d'être, its adopted motto is “Quality and Service”, to constantly remind the firm of exactly what it stands for. It is pleased to be able to offer coffins in a variety of wood types. This includes oak, oak veneered, and elm, together with a full choice of wood stains. The company also offers a wide choice of custom designs, created specifically to suit the wants and needs of clients who have a desire to see deceased loved ones depart in a manner that’s suited to them. Custom coffins can be accommodated to cover many designs, such as brightly coloured finishes customised by patterns or pictures. Customised designs and types are available on request. One of the very special coffin designs J & R Tweedie offers even features a oak veneered coffin with a routed panel that displays in relief an image of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous ‘The Last Supper’ artwork. This coffin has a deep raised lid, and is formed from oak mouldings with light oak stain and shaded effects. It can be finished in gloss or satin, according to the family’s choice, and, as always, to reflect the personality of the deceased. Thanks to the company’s location, in the south west of Scotland, it is easily accessed via all major transport routes. This means J & R Tweedie is capable of stretching its customer base from the north of Scotland, through the central belt region, the border lands, and the north of England. All orders, once dispatched from its factory, will be delivered to the customer’s destination as quickly as possible. J & R Tweedie is in possession of a fleet of vehicles that grant it the flexibility to be able to be able to transport small or large deliveries. It is also agile enough to be able to deliver at short notice if needs be. All vehicles are regularly maintained, and are fitted with special restraining straps that enable the safe and secure transportation of coffins directly to funeral directors’ business premises. The company’s main goals and mission is the same today as it has always been, and that is to provide a product and service of the greatest possible quality. The coffins manufactured by J & R Tweedie are all still made in the traditional way. Founder Rod Tweedie is himself still very hands on with production, alongside the other family members, and workers who are treated like family. The firm doesn’t use any high-tech machinery, just good old fashioned bench saws and cross cutting saws. All coffins and caskets that come from J & R Tweedie are assured of a quality hand made finish. When considering the wider picture, and looking at trends in the Scottish industry at present, J & R Tweedie is certainly aware of the tendency for larger corporations to swallow up the independents, wither through buy outs or by driving them out through competitive monetary means. The funeral director supply industry, and indeed funeral directors themselves are certainly not immune to this. As far as Rod is aware, this makes his company the last independent funeral director supply company in Scotland. He is delighted to be taking part in the Scottish Enterprise Awards, and standing proud to be able to firmly put independents on the map. J & R Tweedie is proud of its Scottish roots, and finds that one of the biggest benefits to being based in Dumfriesshire is the flexibility it provides. Its deliveries can routinely be transported up or down the country, and the easy access it’s provided with helps immensely with the reduction in fuel costs. The internal culture of the company is one that embraces hard work and friendliness. There’s a steady demand for such jobs, but J & R doesn’t really have to advertise. In fact, there’s a waiting list of potential ready and willing candidates. This is because Rod is a well-known face in the local area, so is often approached by people looking for work. The fact that his company is held in such high regard is something he feels very touched by. As far as the future is concerned, the main goal for J & R Tweedie is, much as ever, to keep its feet firmly on the ground. It is a strong believer in the old saying that “you have to learn to crawl before you can walk”. This means, of course, that to get anywhere in life, you have to put the hard work in first; a fitting epitaph for anyone to aspire to. J & R Tweedie has been announced as the Best Family-Run Coffin Production Business 2023, in the Scottish Enterprise Awards. We are delighted to recognise this fine, independent company for all the excellent work it produces, and wish it the best of luck for the future. Contact Details Company: J & R Tweedie Web Address: Contact Name: Roderick Tweedie

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 12 Based in Lerwick on the Shetland Islands, Jim’s Garage Ford Rental is a highly rated Ford car and van rental company that prides itself on its ability to deliver straightforward and friendly services. On the company’s user-friendly website, clients can easily browse vehicles, compare prices, and book online. Here, we explore its comprehensive offerings and the reasons behind its success in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023. The Shetland Islands is a Scottish archipelago and the northernmost region of the United Kingdom, located in the North Sea between Orkney, the Faroe Islands, and Norway. Visitors are drawn to the islands by its breathtaking landscapes, scenic coastline walks, and spectacular wildlife, including seabirds, seals, otters, orcas, and the famous Shetland ponies. Furthermore, from B&Bs and guest houses to budget-friendly hostels and campsites, there are plenty of spectacular places for them to stay. However, when they arrive, tourists are often surprised to discover that the Shetland Islands are much larger than they anticipated. The archipelago consists of 100 islands, many of which are connected by road bridges or car ferry services. This means that, in order to thoroughly explore and enjoy the islands, it is essential for visitors to either bring a car from mainland Scotland or rent one during their stay. Established in 1983, Jim’s Garage Group ventured into vehicle rentals in 2012 with the launch of Jim’s Garage Ford Rental. As a Ford Main Dealer and Ford Store, Jim’s Garage Ford Rental offers both cars and commercial vehicles with a full aftercare service at highly affordable prices. Now, the company has been in the motor trade for more than 30 years and is proud to have 2441 happy customers, 2501 reservations, 45 vehicles available for rent, and eight locations for vehicle collection. Offering comprehensive rental services, Jim’s Garage Ford Rental serves all kinds of visitors to the Shetland Islands, including people on holiday, companies working on the islands, and those visiting for the day on a cruise ship. The company is able to rent vehicles to anyone over the age of 21, including young drivers with a clean driving license who passed their test more than two years ago. Committed to delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction, Jim’s Garage Ford Rental does everything it can to make the client’s visit to the Shetland Islands as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. To this end, it makes sure that its services are simple, clear, and reliable to prevent confusion. Furthermore, the company offers unmatched flexibility, allowing bookings to be customised in terms of mileage allowance and pick-up location. Furthermore, Jim’s Garage Ford Rental understands that it can be intimidating to rent a vehicle that you have never driven before. However, clients can rest assured that the company’s cars and vans are very easy to use. Its team are committed to ensuring that clients feel confident and comfortable driving the vehicle before they hit the road. For this reason, when they go to pick it up, a member of staff will guide them through its need-to-know features and answer any questions they may have. “Travel and holidays are a substantial cost for our visitors. We are extremely grateful that they entrust a part of that cost with us for vehicle hire during their stay,” comments Chris Manson, General Manager at Jim’s Garage Ford Rental. “Although the holiday location is much more important for them, we want to surprise them and make them feel like the hire experience actually helped to start the holiday with some excitement rather than being a stressful task.” Throughout the rest of their stay, Jim’s Garage Ford Rental ensures that clients can fully relax and have fun by offering 24/7 roadside assistance and full onsite repair services. This means that, in the unlikely event that one of its well-maintained cars breaks down, the company has clients covered with its complete recovery service that operates across all the Shetland Islands. Jim’s Garage Ford Rental will also replace the rental car with another as quickly as possible. This enables clients to rest assured in the knowledge that they have backup if anything goes wrong. As a result of its outstanding services, Jim’s Garage Ford Rental has received a multitude of positive feedback over the years, resulting in its impressive five-star rating on Google. For example, one satisfied customer shares their experience, explaining, “The customer service for car rental at Jim’s Garage is excellent. From start to finish the experience is a pleasure, and the prices are very competitive. I especially value the convenience of the pick-up and drop-off at Sumburgh airport. In my experience, they are the best car hire company in Shetland, and I now use them exclusively when I visit. I’d recommend them to anyone!” For its unparalleled customer service and its commitment to excellence, Jim’s Garage Ford Rental has been named Best Vehicle Rental Business, Shetland Islands, in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023. Dedicated to its local area, Jim’s Garage Ford Rental is happy and proud to focus on the Shetland Islands and therefore has no current plans to reach other locations in the future. Now, following a busy summer, there is no doubt that the company will continue to provide thousands of visitors to the region with outstanding and reliable car rental services in the years to come. Contact Details Contact: Chris Manson Company: Jim’s Garage Ford & Mazda Web Address: Best Vehicle Rental Business 2023 - Shetland Islands

Left to right – Sharon Waddell, Chris Manson, Cody McKay, Laura Farquhar, Connor Hughes, George Dunnet

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 14 Civilisations across the world have been creating gardens for thousands of years. Over time, garden designs have evolved to reflect peoples’ changing priorities and resources as well as popular trends. Today, gardening is a hugely popular pastime in Britain, with many green-fingered individuals taking to their gardens each year for enjoyment and to produce their own fruit and vegetables. Catering to the needs of those who are interested in gardening, landscaping, and outdoor living, garden centres are establishments that primarily sell plants and gardening equipment. Established in April 2023, Homegrown is a modern garden centre located on the outskirts of Glasgow. Upon visiting the store, customers will find a selection of locally grown plants, unique decorative accessories, and stylish outdoor furniture, including items from brands like Haddonstone, Elho, Capri, and more. The centre’s broad range will provide customers with everything they need for their upcoming gardening projects and may even inspire them to add something new to their outdoor areas. Truly passionate about gardening and committed to its customers, Homegrown offers free, personalised support to those who are navigating the challenges of gardening. Whether they are planning a project or facing a particular difficulty, customers can book an appointment for free advice with the garden centre’s Genius Bar. During their session, they will receive tips and guidance from a gardening expert who will help them create their dream outdoor space and keep it thriving all year round. At Homegrown, customers can also browse a carefully curated selection of homewares with which they can revamp their indoor spaces, including brands like Broste Copenhagen, Umbra, Ivyline, and Freckleface. As the seasons begin to change, with autumn turning into winter, the centre’s vast collection of homewares and festive decorations will bring warmth and comfort into their homes. Whether customers are seeking the perfect new home fragrance or hoping to prepare for the fast-approaching festive season, Homegrown is bound to have what they need, helping them get through the winter and into the new year. The complete range can be explored in store today. Moreover, should customers venture upstairs at Homegrown, they will encounter a beautiful garden view coffee house and dining area. There, they can relax and indulge in food made with locally sourced ingredients. Open every day between 9am and 4:30pm, it is the perfect spot to take a break from shopping. Whether they wish to enjoy a flavourful meal or sample the selection of delicious teas, coffees, and snacks, they are bound to have a delightful experience. Homegrown’s coffee house serves an extensive menu that features delectable dishes like the Traditional Ploughman’s sandwich, Heirloom Tomato and Burratta salad, and Orkney Crab Cakes. The company believes in keeping everything as fresh and local as possible, from its ingredient suppliers to its talented chefs and in-house bakers. Since it opened its doors at the start of the year, Homegrown has received a plethora of positive feedback on Google, resulting in its impressive 4.4star rating. Many of these reviews mention its “fantastic” homeware section, “lovely” plants, and “delicious” food. For example, one satisfied customer states, “A garden centre with a difference! Quality homewares and a good range of plants, but it is the café upstairs that is truly outstanding. Loveliest halloumi and avocado sandwich ever. Interesting mains options and small bites. Well worth a visit.” In addition to its excellent garden centre and café offerings, Homegrown is proud to host a number of exciting community events. For example, on 10th and 16th December 2023, the garden centre is hosting a Doggy Grotto, which will allow customers to embark on a magical adventure and embrace the festive spirit with their furry four-legged friends. Santa himself will be there to welcome them to a winter wonderland that is truly like no other. For £10 per dog, guests will receive a ten-minute slot with Santa, a surprise doggy gift, and a delicious puppuccino. For an extra £5, they can take home a professional photograph to remember the day in all its glory. Set within Homegrown’s wider programme of festive activities, the Doggy Grotto will add a sprinkle of enchantment to the holiday season for dogs and owners alike. As a result of its continued excellence and its unwavering commitment to its customers, Homegrown has been named Designer Garden Centre of the Year in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023. Going forward, anyone in the Glasgow area is encouraged to keep an eye out for the garden centre’s exciting upcoming events. As well as this, regular customers are invited to sign up for a free Homegrown Rewards account to earn points every time they shop. Those who sign up will benefit from exciting rewards like cashback to spend in store, exclusive access to discounts, early access to offers and promotions, VIP access to all community events, and an extra special treat on their birthday. Having achieved impressive success in less than a year, Homegrown looks towards a bright future, and we wish it the best of luck in all its endeavours. Contact Details Contact: Martin McCarron Company: Homegrown Web Address: Nestled amongst 72 acres of land and surrounded by countless scenic trails and walks, Homegrown is a unique and inspiring garden centre in Gartcosh, Scotland. The centre offers a diverse range of plants, gardening essentials, and homewares, providing customers with everything they need to create their ideal outdoor and indoor spaces. Designer Garden Centre of the Year 2023 - UK

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 16 Most Trusted Family-Run Memorial Company 2023 Edinburgh-based Lothian Memorials is a proud family-owned and operated business that was established in 2019, and boasts a team of excellent, dedicated craftsmen who combined possess more than 40 years of experience designing, erecting, and restoring gravestones throughout the Lothian areas of Scotland and beyond. The team is committed to providing work of the highest standard, all while maintaining an affordable price that ensures it stands out in the sector. Bolstered by a free design service to ensure the final memorial is exactly as envisioned, the company’s quality headstones can be found across the country from Stirling to Edinburgh, commemorating lives in a quality and respectful manner. The loss of a loved one brings about incredibly challenging situations, but Lothian Memorials are here to help you through this difficult time. We will do our best to help you make all the necessary arrangements as painlessly as possible. From first contact to completion of your commission we will assist you with compassion, respect and courtesy. Assistance provided by the company begins from the very first time they are contacted and continues through until the memorial has been successfully completed and erected, with the same high level of care and compassion present throughout the entire process. Lothian Memorials’ stonemasons are also registered and accredited by BRAMM (The British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons), so customers can rest assured that their memorials will be handled by a team of experts and erected to the absolute highest of standards. in addition to time served craftsmanship LM provide a free digital design service, allowing customers to see the planned design and make any alterations and adjustments, thus ensuring the headstone is appropriate and fully reflects their wishes. The company’s testimonials speak for themselves, with one customer, Eamonn, crediting the swift and respectful service he received, as well as the extensive range of high calibre headstones that were on offer. In his testimonial, Eamonn stated, “the advice and guidance we received was always accurate and timely and was delivered with respect and compassion. Thank you once again for your services.” The selection is a suitable headstone is of paramount importance and the company's website has a dedicated page that showcases some of the most requested designs and shapes, with these taking the form of a variety of different sizes and stone options, meaning that there is something suitable for every taste. A broad range of price points are also available, with low-cost options providing the same level of excellence for those with smaller budgets. Each of the stones can be transcribed with designs and motifs to fit the requirements of a customer, and Lothian Memorials will happily deliver these products throughout Scotland’s central belt. Among these offerings are the timeless designs of the Smith, Stewart, and Robertson, the slightly more unique styles of the Wilson, Campbell, and Murray, as well as those that feature additional extras in their design, whether it be a dove as in the Leslie, a heart as in the Fraser, or flowers and leaves, such as those present in the Ross. Moreover, variations of headstones are available that feature additional stonework, with flowers embellishing the side of the Hay, and a footballer the Cumming. Where a more religious detailing is appropriate, the Burns, Cameron and Rest designs will be found to be very suitable The end result is thus something that can perfectly reflect the life on an individual and can fit in or stand out at any chosen location. With all of these exceptional styles available, and more listed on the website, in addition to the company’s ability to craft bespoke pieces, customers are free to tailor their chosen memorial into a dignified symbol the person’s life, best reflecting the things that they held dear, stood for, or requested for their headstones. Although it is an incredibly trying time, Lothian Memorials hopes that through its world-class craftsmanship, friends and family alike can proudly be reminded of their lost loved one every time they visit this memorial. All new memorials that are offered by the Lothian Memorials team include free lettering, a beautiful motif sourced from the company’s vast collection, as well as a flower vase if required and the erection of the finished headstone in the location of a customer’s choosing. For those looking for that extra personal touch, the business is also happy to provide such items as statues, photo tiles, and kerbing sets, allowing for the creation of something totally unique that aligns with the customer’s idea of what a fitting tribute should entail. Not only is attention given to the crafting of new memorials, but Lothian Memorials also deals with those existing headstones that have unfortunately fallen into a state of disrepair and can provide such care and attention as adding inscriptions, carrying out headstone refurbishments, and re-erecting and resecuring fallen or leaning headstones. Once more, the business strives to make this process as trouble free as possible, consulting its clients at every stage of the process to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed with the final product after this tireless effort has been completed. In response to the current market, Director Graeme Gonella tells us: We are seeing more demand for memorials that stand out , either in shape or colour. There will always be a higher demand for the classic shape black granite headstone with gold lettering but more and more people are looking to break away from the norm. “Covid and Brexit have created challenges as most headstones are imported from overseas; delays with shipping have not fully returned to normal and memorials that were taking 12 weeks are more likely to take 24. To offset this we have taken the step of sourcing more suppliers and offering our customers a range of prices and delivery times so they can choose what is best for them. “Another area we are looking into, is providing Scottish stone for headstones. For a long time, to keep costs down, stone has, as mentioned, been imported. However we are seeing an increase in people interested in provenance and are working to be able to provide local sourced material for our memorials.” Lothian Memorials also plans on moving to larger premises in the next year, whilst expanding its team. This will inevitably allow Lothian Memorials to take on more customers, to offer continued support in a compassionate and crucial way. With a quality team of professionals who always put the customer first, an array of fitting memorial designs and the option for custom offerings, as well as an unparalleled approach to professional and compassionate customer service, Lothian Memorials has established itself as being a frontrunner in the sector, lovingly providing beautiful tributes and guiding customers through some of the most difficult moments of their lives. With these sterling qualities, the company is a very worthy winner of this award celebrating its authentic nature as the most trusted family-run memorial provider. Contact: Graeme Gonella Company: Lothian Memorials Web Address:

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 18 Sarah Kay is an award-winning artist who designs, makes, and sells an array of artwork and jewellery lovingly crafted from resin, in order to maintain its beauty for years to come. A native Shetlander, Sarah feels an intrinsic emotional connection to the Shetland Islands, with this group of islands in the North Sea inspiring a great deal of her artwork. The Shetland Islands boast a dramatic landscape complete with dark winters, bright summers, wet, wild, and windy weather. Currently based in Scalloway, Sarah crafts each piece by hand in her own studio, using a combination of epoxy resin, metallic pigments, and acrylic paint to create oceanscapes, jewellery, and gifts of the highest calibre. We catch up with Sarah to learn more about her journey and delve deeper into the inspiration behind some of her breathtaking work. It is no surprise that Sarah Kay specialises in resin seascapes and beach-themed original jewellery; growing up on a small, peat-covered island, by the name of Whalsay, Sarah spent much of her childhood adventuring around the famous Shetland Islands coast, foraging to discover shells, stones, sea glass, and pottery. To this day, Sarah maintains a passion for exploring these beaches, with a great deal of what she collects ending up inspiring or being used in her final products. Moving to Scalloway some years later, Sarah’s path to become an artist faced a catalyst in the form of a vast and unoccupied space which one surrounded her home. The appropriately titled “Highlands” engulfed Sarah’s environment on all sides, serving up challenging slopes and unparalleled views in every direction. Inspired by all of this beauty, Sarah designed and implemented her own garden, similarly rich in texture and levels. Just as she would come to do in her artwork later, Sarah considered every element that was available to her, meticulously thinking out which colours and plant combinations would best fit the layout she had envisioned. With previous experience growing and caring for plants, Sarah was well-versed in the sort of conditions that the variety of Shetland plants she aimed to grow would need to thrive. Subsequently, Sarah set about joyously building an elaborate garden from scratch that adorns the area, having the same impact that her artwork can do within the home environment, perfectly capturing a feel and an essence. Living on Scalloway has only served to strengthen Sarah’s connection with her surroundings and nature more widely. To this end, Sarah is a member of Greenpeace, raising awareness of issues surrounding pollution, all while scoping the area for shells from the beach that can be used in her work, clearing the beach of litter in the progress. Protecting the environment is a key element of Sarah’s business; after all, it is these picturesque landscapes which allow her to make a living doing what she does. With a beautiful location to boot, Sarah is constantly coming up with new ideas to further the business and expand her artwork portfolio. This, combined with her relatively new-found interest in snorkelling following a dip at Shetland’s Meal Beach in 2020, has led to her swimming the length of various beaches across the group of islands, equipped with an underwater camera. Sarah’s underwater prints and colourful artwork stem from her experiences in this underwater world, and these are available to purchase as part of her underwater collection. Sarah’s tool of choice for the majority of these projects is resin, which, as a durable and a long-lasting material, ensures that the seascapes which she creates will stand the test of time. The studio where Sarah designs all of her pieces is open to the public, and the location boasts stunning views over Scalloway, and access to Sarah’s accompanying hillside garden. Making and selling her own unique pieces of art has always been the ultimate dream for Sarah, and now that she has achieved this as a viable career option, she is proud to share her work and its inspiratory setting with as many people as possible on the beautiful island on which she lives. In recent years, resin has seen a considerable increase in popularity, and as such, Sarah strives to keep her artwork completely authentic and unique, meaning that it cannot easily be copied by other such artists. With the Shetland Islands possessing over 1,700 miles of coastline, comprised of white sand beaches, crystal-clear coves, and rugged cliffs, there is no shortage of inspiration for Sarah’s work. When this is combined with what Sarah calls an “unstoppable creative energy and passion for [my] islands”, the heart of the artwork which she produces is distinctive, special, and cannot be replicated. Following on from this, Sarah’s pride in being Scottish and sustainably profiting from her surroundings is what has continued to drive her business forward, embracing this backdrop and turning Scotland’s landscapes into masterpieces across her product range. Since this location is remote, the islands experience a restricted number Most Innovative Oceanscape Artist 2023: Sarah Kay

of visitors per year. It is therefore vital that Sarah’s website and online presence is extensive, so those looking to encapsulate a slice of this magnificence can do so with the ease of online purchases. By signing up to Sarah’s mailing list, customers can also guarantee themselves a free greetings card in the post, as well as receiving early access to artwork, stories, and special offers. For those who are looking to visit the area, not only are the gardens and accompanying tourist shop a four-star attraction from Visit Scotland and the Scottish Tourist Board respectively, but the site overlooks Scalloway Castle, and provides unrivalled views for those looking to escape from it all. Sarah Kay’s Art Studio and Garden is only open from open May - October – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10-4pm. During the winter months the studio is accessible by arrangement, but the garden is closed. Those looking to visit the area should get in touch with Sarah to avoid missing out on a unique opportunity to explore a range of Shetland-Island-themed resin artwork, jewellery, and gifts. As Sarah’s work continues to become more popular, she is fully aware of her need to focus on the most popular products she offers and reduce the range of those less popular items, in order to continue to achieve success and keep up with loyal customer demand. Looking ahead to the future, Sarah is pleased to announce that she has a few exciting venues interested in establishing an exhibition of her work, with details still to be ironed out. The latest project which Sarah has undertaken is an extensive one, with 10 large pieces of artwork having been commissioned for NorthLink Ferries, a company running services between Aberdeen, Orkney, and Shetland. Bolstering a reputation as a unique, creative, and environmentally friendly Shetland artist, Sarah Kay has established herself as a frontrunner in the industry, conceptualising and fabricating one-of-a-kind oceanscapes, prints, resin art, jewellery, and gifts, all lovingly inspired by her home. For this reason, Sarah Kay Arts is more than worthy of achieving this award for her innovations in the field, and we wish Sarah the uppermost success as her business continues to evolve and grow for many years into the future. Contact Details Contact: Sarah Kay Company: Sarah Kay Arts Web Address: