Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

Just as with humans, socialisation is imperative for our four-legged friends. Having a break away from home to mingle with the local pooches can do dogs the world of good, and it’s for this very reason that Chilled Dawgz came to be. Looking to be a safe space for small to medium breeds, Chilled Dawgz has established the perfect environment for any canine companion. From doggy daycare to animal reiki, this centre assures owners that their pups will be able to comfortably settle in their temporary home away from home. Best Small & Medium Dog Daycare Centre 2023 - Glasgow Operating as Glasgow’s first fully licensed doggy daycare facility, Chilled Dawgz is a specialist centre that’s tailored itself to the needs of small and medium breeds. It provides owners from all walks of life with a safe space for their pooches to mingle and socialise, all whilst ensuring that each new guest is treated to a very personal service indeed. Thanks to its relatively small size, Chilled Dawgz boasts a wonderfully exclusive atmosphere – one wherein only 25 dogs are accepted at a time. As such, its team is able to deliver one to one attention, ensuring that every canine is cared for in their own unique way. Chilled Dawgz, as recognised by the people of Glasgow, is a small to medium dog daycare that values the wellbeing of its clients’ fourlegged friends. It treats them as an extension of its own bustling family, complete with four King Charles Spaniels and one Italian Greyhound, by guaranteeing quality facilities that are outfitted with only the highest quality materials. In addition, Chilled Dawgz is also a strong advocate for raw feeding and offering stock natural dog treats. Raw and natural ingredients are, by far, the best components of any healthy dog’s diet, and Chilled Dawgz streamlines accessibility by allowing owners to pick them up when dropping their pups off at daycare. Of course, it isn’t a stretch to claim that Glasgow is a picturesque location that anybody could retire to for a good relax. For dogs, this couldn’t apply more – the numerous scenic walks and open scenery allow for a mentally refreshing adventure for every pooch. In turn, this largely contributes towards Chilled Dawgz’s primary ethos – to take a holistic approach towards dog health. Whether this manifests through physical walks and social interactions, or through its vastly unique massage therapies and animal reiki mastery, Chilled Dawgz promises enrichment for just about any small or medium pooch. Dogs are incredibly emotional creatures who are able to pick up on the atmosphere surrounding them, and react to it in an impressively acute manner. As such, a relaxing environment should be pursued in order to secure a healthy time away from home. Of course, it’s common knowledge that many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. They’re away from their humans in a strange new place, so it’s understandably difficult for some pups to manage the temporary divide. Prepared for such an instance, Chilled Dawgz deploys a personal service – one that seeks to deliver the aforementioned one to one approach to each dog. And, if attention alone isn’t enough, owners can enlist the help of the centre’s animal reiki master. Performed by Lynette, Chilled Dawgz’s animal reiki sessions capably ease dogs of various breeds into a relaxed, comfortable state. One where, no matter the mentality of the pooch, it will eventually find itself revelling in the positive energy that Lynette is able to encourage. Regardless of whether this is displayed through your pampered pooch relaxing to the point of dozing off, or through them receiving an invigorating burst of energy, animal reiki has had proven effects that any dog would benefit from. In short, Chilled Dawgz is a small to medium breed doggy daycare in Glasgow that truly understands the needs of some of our closest companions. Just because dogs are animals, it doesn’t mean they should simply be treated as such. And, through its award-winning practises, it’s clear that Chilled Dawgz is prepared to go above any beyond to keep every dog’s tail wagging. Contact: Lisa Fleming Company: Chilled Dawgz Dog Daycare & Pet Services Web Address: