Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 48 Best Highland-Themed Stay 2023 Located in Balloch, Scotland, The Bonnie Banks is an exceptional Highland-themed Airbnb property set against the stunning backdrop of Loch Lomond. Welcoming travellers from across the UK and the rest of the world, the property takes pride in serving as a home away from home. Here, we dive into its location as well as its excellent facilities for living and leisure. The Bonnie Banks is situated in the heart of Loch Lomond, just metres away from the beautiful shores of the Loch itself and the picturesque landscapes of Trossachs National Park. Usefully, it is also very close to a number of amenities, restaurants, bars, and shops. Being based in a stunning rural area, the property serves a diverse client base, many of whom are seeking solace in the natural beauty of Balloch. Whether guests are local explorers or international adventurers, The Bonnie Banks is committed to providing them with memorable and delightful experiences. Those who choose to stay at The Bonnie Banks will be able to retreat to one of its comfortable bedrooms for a relaxing evening after a long day of exploring. The property has eight king sized beds across seven rooms, which are newly decorated and furnished with Scottish flair. They all come with full Wi-Fi access, a flat screen television, and large windows through which the full beauty of the area can be beheld. Guests will also be able to use a number of communal areas throughout their stay, where they can relax and mingle with other visitors to the property. This includes an elegant dining room for special meals, as well as indoor and garden bars that offer a unique social ambiance. The Bonnie Banks also boasts a hot tub, a sizable garden, and a designated BBQ area where guests can unwind and enjoy the outdoors. In addition to these tempting amenities, the property is equipped with a convenient private car park with room for up to eight cars. The Bonnie Banks aims to redefine hospitality by offering a haven of luxury and warmth to travellers from near and far. It strives to continuously exceed the expectations of its discerning guests by seamlessly blending modern comforts with the natural beauty of Loch Lomond. Operating in the competitive hospitality industry, the company is committed to innovation, integrating the latest technology and best practices to ensure that guests benefit from an unparalleled experience. However, above all, The Bonnie Banks believes in the power of exceptional service in making every stay unforgettable. The Bonnie Banks is able to maintain such high standards thanks to its excellent team of staff, who are hired for their embodiment of four key values: hospitality, empathy, teamwork, and passion for creating memorable guest experiences. Internally, they operate based on a culture that mirrors the dynamics of a close-knit family, prioritising collaboration, communication, and care. Every employee is valued and supported, creating a positive work environment in which they can thrive. As a result of its continued excellence in all areas, The Bonnie Banks has been awarded Best Highland-Themed Stay in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023. In the years ahead, the company plans to leverage emerging technologies to deliver personalised guest experiences, eco conscious operations, and seamless bookings. It hopes to continue to thrive as a top choice for accommodation in Loch Lomond, offering an unforgettable Scottish sojourn. “Our business venture at The Bonnie Banks has been a deeply rewarding journey for us,” comments Tom Watts, Director at The Bonnie Banks. “Personally, it fills our hearts with joy to know that we are offering a haven of reprieve and relaxation to countless individuals and families each year. Witnessing our guests create cherished memories amidst the beauty of Loch Lomond validates the purpose and dedication we pour into this endeavour.” We are delighted to congratulate Tom and the rest of his team at The Bonnie Banks on their success in this year’s Scottish Enterprise Awards and wish them the best of luck in the future. Contact: Tom Watts Company: Bonnie Banks Web Address: