Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

Neurolabs’ origins can be traced back to 2009 and the University of Edinburgh, where its three founders met for the first time. From there, ten years of collaborating on-and-off across academia and industry put the trio in a position where they felt ready, able, and frustrated enough with the industry’s problems, to improve how technology is used throughout the real-world setting. With all three possessing equal enthusiasm for technology’s role in the future of industry, they have proudly built an effective community around this. Today, Neurolabs pioneers a host of synthetic image recognition technology, serving to revolutionise the CPG (consumer-packaged goods) industry through its innovative approach. Through the harnessing of digital twins and virtual environment training, the company is providing one-of-akind solutions that can demonstrably enhance image recognition for retail execution. Thanks to partnerships with industry giants such as P&G, CocaCola, Nestlé, and JTI, Neurolabs is relied upon by some of the world’s biggest companies to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that empower their execution, in-store presentation, and performance. The company’s overarching mission is ultimately to democratise computer vision technology within the wider CPG sector, addressing some of the key areas of inefficiency within the supply chain. To this end, the business is committed to reducing waste and simplifying automation, striving to make these tools accessible to a broad range of users without them having to possess a series of specialised skills in order to make the most of the solution. As a result of its dedication to offer innovative and communitybuilding formulas, Neurolabs has established itself as a company determined to bring fresh and inclusive R&D advancements. Across the industry, a surge is being experienced in the demand for automation, brought on by retailers starting to thrive again in a postpandemic landscape. In spite of the online shopping boom, most transactions still occur in a physical store, and sales are thus influenced heavily by effective retail execution methods. This is particularly prolific in Scotland; as Remus explains, “the Scottish market is particularly receptive, reflecting the national impetus towards technological advancement in retail.” In a similar vein, Scotland has served as an exceptional base for Neurolabs’ R&D and operational activities, representative of its rich talent pool and the government offering supportive initiatives. With its founders hailing from the University of Edinburgh, close proximity to prestigious universities and other such institutions has immeasurably benefited recruitment, and the company’s operations being bolstered by a heavy London presence has assisted in market outreach. Nevertheless, a proud Scottish company, the business is happy with its current structure and harbours no immediate plans for extension. The secret to Neurolabs’ success may well be its flat hierarchical structure, with the company fostering autonomy across its product, technology, and sales teams. As Remus explains, “[our] culture is anchored in community spirit, respect, reliability, and authenticity. When recruiting, we seek individuals who embody these values and possess the drive to take ownership of their respective domains.” Bolstered by a hardworking and enthusiastic team of individuals, it is the staff at Neurolabs that serve to make its groundbreaking conceptualisations into realities. As Neurolabs looks towards its future, the organisation is set for a trajectory of growth with no signs of slowing down, with this expansion being driven by a prosperous collaboration with the Scottish Government that has poised the company in a prime position to become a beacon of R&D innovation. Moreover, the company is soon to launch its flagship product, ZIA, which is set to totally transform supply chain visibility, offering users of the system an unparalleled executional insight. Ultimately, Neurolabs is a company that doesn’t just predict the future, but actively creates it, and in doing so, is more than worthy of receiving this award, celebrating its achievements and innovation within the field. Contact: Remus Pop Company: Neurolabs Web Address: Founded in September 2018, Edinburgh-based Neurolabs is a machine-learning company that is proudly led by a team of experienced professionals, boasting master’s degrees and PhDs in computer science and maths to solidify their ability to provide cutting-edge solutions. The business specialises in groundbreaking services across the retail automation industry, and through stellar feedback has earned a reputation for excellence. With a passionate team spread across a number of locations in Europe, Neurolabs possesses an unbridled commitment to providing equal opportunities and embracing a remote-first culture. We speak with Co-Founder and CRO Remus Pop, to learn more about the company’s award-winning, next-generation solutions. Best Retail Computer Vision Technology Company 2023