Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 54 Business Software Consultancy of the Year 2023 Having long since reached the point of being regarded as an expert within its sector, Proximo 3 is a business software consultancy that has mastered the usage of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. These two Microsoft products, comprised of SaaS apps and no/low code tools for creating bespoke business solutions, aren’t straightforward to navigate. As such, Proximo 3 is onhand to assist organisations in maximising their Microsoft Dynamics 365 investment. Join us as we explore how. Combining the expertise of its professionals with the potential of its clients’ capabilities, Proximo 3 is the leading consultancy in managing Microsoft Dynamics 365. Whether it’s assisting companies in optimising their resources, empowering their teams, gaining essential business insights, or accelerating project delivery, its team of trusted Microsoft consultants is prepared to go above and beyond to reach the best possible outcome. Leveraging over 40 years of industry experience in working with Customer Engagement applications within sales, customer service, field service, and marketing, Proximo 3 is easily the most trustworthy consultancy for the job. Equipped with all of these tools, Proximo 3 promises an agile approach towards accelerating a customer’s project results. This, in turn, allows them to unlock their true potential – by creating limitless possibilities depending on the individual sector in which its clients operate, Proximo 3 guarantees success at every turn. In addition, its brimming portfolio of high profile clients only serves to highlight its dependable nature. Having assisted organisations such as Ford, WWF, Barratt Homes, Golden Charter, Hymans Robertson, Glasgow Clan, Space Solutions, and R&A Gold Club St Andrews, Proximo 3 demonstrates an unapologetic knack of versatility and excellence. As a trusted Microsoft technology partner, Proximo 3 has managed to effortlessly distinguish itself from the competition. It’s this very characteristic that makes it such a standout within the industry – it holds a unique skillset that’s simply not applicable to the majority of consultancies within the region. Through taking full advantage of its abundant expertise, Proximo 3 has, time and time again, delivered high-value business solutions to its clients, guaranteeing that their expectations are completely exceeded once work has concluded. In short, Proximo 3’s ability to flawlessly navigate Microsoft Dynamics 365 is its most defining trait – something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the region’s largest organisations. Of course, the world of technology is one that is constantly evolving, innovating, and changing. Therefore, it takes an incredibly adept collective to perfectly navigate such a turbulent, if exciting, sphere. Thankfully, Proximo 3 promises this in droves – it consistently keeps itself ahead of the curve, and does so by providing innovative solutions via Microsoft technology. Dubbed ‘Microsoft MVPs’, the team has access to all new recommended features, products, and upcoming releases, allowing it to strategically plan how these evolutions will integrate into its existing catalogue of services. Truly, everything that Proximo 3 does is for the sake of a satisfied customer – a quality that has yet to waver since its inception. Working across the UK, Europe, and North America, Proximo 3’s impressive reach has granted it the unique opportunity to lend a hand to a mass amount of businesses across the globe. Through remote and hybrid work schemes, it has introduced Scottish businesses to the prospect of employing experts from anywhere in the world. In this vein, Proximo 3 promises continual growth throughout their respective collectives, without having to sacrifice accessibility to make it happen. Partnered with its status as an industry leader in the Microsoft platform, Proximo 3 is any business’s best solution to any of their issues. From small companies to some of the world’s largest enterprises, there isn’t any organisation that Proximo 3 can’t lend its award-winning talents to. Contact Details Contact: Mark Christie Email: Company: Proximo 3 Web Address: