Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

Known far and wide by the people of Fife, The Boudingait is a multi-award-winning bar and restaurant that takes the concept of a social environment to the next level. By making full use of its community-centric atmosphere, The Boudingait has revived the original intentions behind a combined bar and restaurant – one wherein even total strangers can bond over fantastic food and beautiful brews. Join us as we venture into how The Boudingait has established itself as a crucible of connectivity, and how this very nature has earned it such a special place in the hearts of the local populace. The Boudingait Customer Service Excellence Award 2023 & Best Dog-Friendly Bar & Restaurant 2023 – Fife Proud to present customers with a comfortable, and fun, dining and drinking experience, The Boudingait is by far Cupar’s most beloved establishment. For good reason too; every choice that was made upon the eatery’s inception was made in the hopes of renewing the good, old-fashioned communal atmosphere for which such establishments are typically known. Gone are the flat-screen televisions, slot machines, and jukeboxes, and all that remains is the opportunity for individuals to share a plate of good food and enjoy each other’s company. Whether customers are exchanging banter between themselves, or are fostering a relationship with the friendly staff, The Boudingait promises an unapologetically grounded environment. This sense of community doesn’t end with customers, however. Instead, The Boudingait extends its inclusive attitude to its suppliers. As opposed to sourcing ingredients from detached suppliers who have little interest in the local area, The Boudingait goes out of its way to support its surrounding suppliers, from butchers to bakers alike. No matter the ingredients of a dish, customers can take immense satisfaction in the knowledge that they’re actively supporting the wider community. Partnered with its bustling drinks menu, complete with a variety of gins, ales, and wines, The Boudingait delights in teaching customers how to “… Perfectly waste your time in the least useful manner…” All of these wonderful factors coalesce in a bar and restaurant that goes above and beyond to include everyone in its own little community. From regular customers, right down to their four-legged friends, The Boudingait presents a welcoming space for all to enjoy. Even the children have something to revel in, with the establishment offering aptly named ‘vintage iPads’ to little ones in the form of Etch A Sketches. Reconnecting people with what truly matters is where The Boudingait thrives, which is reflected in abundance through its long list of awards. In addition, it also claimed the first-place spot on Tripadvisor in 2021, and has consistently maintained a ranking between 1st and 3rd since. All of this just goes to show that people want to connect, and just need an environment that has been specifically designed for them to do so. From delivering dishes that are simply divine, to offering a comfy retreat away from modern life, The Boudingait brings the world back to the basics in all of the best ways. As such, customers can indulge in socialisation, without having to forgo the taste of truly sublime food. And, by being able to bring their pooches along for the journey, regulars of The Boudingait are granted more chances than ever to connect with fellow dog enthusiasts. No matter the occasion, be it a simple excursion to a bar, or a blow-out wedding reception, The Boudingait is committed to delivering a fun, inviting atmosphere that’ll captivate all ages. Boasting such a timeless approach to drinking and dining, The Boudingait stands as Fife’s most enthralling establishment to date. Through an application of expert cooking, drink mixing, and customer service, the nature that it’s been able to nurture transcends the very constraints of time itself. After all, what’s more compelling than sitting down, eating some locally sourced foods, and somehow becoming best friends with a stranger from the next town over? To The Boudingait, simply nothing can compare. Contact: Lorna Lidderdale Company: The Boudingait Web Address: https://www.