Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

Thistle Care Solutions places its clients’ needs at the heart of everything that it does, serving an array of diverse individuals inclusive of seniors, those with disabilities, and people recovering from surgery/illness. Since every client’s needs are unique, the team take great pride in tailoring their services to appease these, and clients and their families possess the uppermost faith in the abilities of the team to not only offer physical assistance, but emotional support, friendship, and peace of mind. To this end, Thistle Care provides a range of services designed to promote well-being and independence, while remaining there should any assistance be needed. One of these provided is personal care, with the team assisting with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. This couples with companion care, with a focus on combating loneliness and isolation through the providing of companionship, conservation, and social engagement. For those in need of specific and specialised care services, Thistle Care is on hand for this too, and is wellversed in fields such as Alzheimer’s care. Managing medication is another such offering, guaranteeing that clients take all of their prescribed medicine at the allocated times, and this commitment to patient health also results in comprehensive meal preparation, with the team crafting delicious and nutritious meals around client dietary needs. Light housekeeping is included too, allowing for the living environment clients are based in to remain clean and organised; when a client needs to leave this environment to run errands or carry out social visits, Thistle Care also gladly helps with transportation. Boasting a series of core values and objectives, Thistle Care upholds these while simultaneously fostering an atmosphere of compassion, respect, and dignity. Its core objectives include enhancing quality of life, offering tailored care, providing family support, and delivering continuous improvement. Coupled with values such as excellence, integrity, and innovation, the company can ensure its clients receive the highest calibre of care and support. A rigorous strategy is also adhered to so that the company can remain at the forefront, and this includes training and development, integrating technology, and listening to client feedback. An internal culture has been fostered that cements these values and objectives, and those who join the Thistle Care team should adhere to these in addition to possessing the relevant skills and qualifications to operate in the atmosphere of excellence provided by the business. Potential clients must also demonstrate keenness in the areas of empathy, professionalism, communication, adaptability, teamwork, and a commitment to learn and improve. Within the home care industry, several notable trends are currently being experienced that are shaping the future way care will be provided. With a plethora of factors such as an ageing population, a preference for home-based care & personalised care plans, a renewed focus on mental health, and concerns regarding the environment and sustainability, Thistle Care carefully monitors trends to successfully adapt its services and better suit client needs, nurturing a positive impact on the lives of those who its serves. Operating the business from the Fife and Falkirk regions in Scotland has seen many distinct advantages arise for the company. As Anja explains, “Scotland’s unique environment and supportive infrastructure have played a significant role in our success, and we are excited about our future expansion plans.” Currently, Stirlingshire and West Lothians are frontrunners to receive Thistle Care’s in-home health services, as these offer exciting growth opportunities and align with the unbridled commitment the business adopts to quality and sustainability in home care. Moreover, Thistle Care Solutions remains dedicated to continuing its offerings of innovative care solutions, community engagement, and employee development, establishing itself as a beacon of brilliance within the industry. As a result, the company and its compassionate caregivers are more than deserving of this award and are sure to drive success for many years to come as they expand into new territories. Contact: Anja Spittal Company: Thistle Care Solutions Web Address: Thistle Care Solutions was established for the purpose of significantly enhancing the quality of life of those individuals in need of home care services across Scotland. With a dedicated team of committed professionals to boot, personalised and compassionate care is delivered to clients at every turn. The company is firmly rooted in the belief that everybody should be afforded the opportunity to age gracefully, maintaining their independence for as long as possible, and thriving within their home environment. We speak with Registered Care Manager Anja Spittal, who provides us with further insight into the company’s solutions and commitment to offering independent living. Home Care Business of the Year 2023 - Fife