Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 66 Most Innovative Sustainable Construction Company 2023 Based in Dundee, Scotland, RADIX is the UK’s largest stockist, supplier and installer of ground screws and screw pile foundations for limitless construction projects. An innovator in its industry, RADIX offers an efficient turnkey solution to revolutionise projects with its robust, low-carbon foundations that streamline groundwork, minimise delivery time and reduce overall costs. Working across the UK and beyond, RADIX’s objective is to provide an effective, sustainable alternative to concrete foundations that support all scales of projects with minimal environmental impact. RADIX designs, manufactures and supplies its low-carbon ground screw and screw pile foundation solutions to customers across the UK and beyond. Its industry-leading installation and testing equipment supports businesses of all scales and sectors as they progress to sustainable foundations. Delivering a specialist installation service, RADIX works closely with clients to understand their project specifications. Providing support with site surveys and testing, the company’s highly-skilled team supplies and installs ground screws and screw pile foundations to project specifications. RADIX is also equipped to design and manufacture bespoke structural base systems to meet specific requirements. Providing an alternative to concrete foundations, RADIX strives to protect the environment for future generations by encouraging a sustainable construction approach. Many countries are now looking to achieve a netzero future, with an increasing number of sectors embracing screw piles over concrete. For customers working to protect rich natural habitats, RADIX provides foundations to fulfil their project requirements with minimal environmental impact, overcoming areas of challenging ground without extensive excavations, formwork, removal of spoils or truck movements. RADIX’s ground screws and screw pile foundations can also be installed all year round in any weather, avoiding costly delays. Ground screws make more projects possible by allowing clients to access remote locations, overcome areas of soft ground and build in tree root preservation areas. RADIX is proud of its solutions’ ability to utilise land for a project’s duration and return it with minimal impact on the environment or soil quality. Since its formation in 2018, RADIX has evolved from providing foundations for garden studios and log cabins to renewable energy projects, bridges and even a 1.5-storey eco-house! Offering a wide range of ground screws and screw piles, RADIX provides sustainable foundations across all sectors, including Leisure and Tourism (log cabins, tourist attractions, sports facilities), Renewable Energy (ground-mounted solar, battery storage, substations), Transport and Infrastructure (bridges, walkways, transport structures) and residential projects. RADIX also provides a range of cost-effective ground-mount solar racking systems that fix directly to their ground screws to streamline projects and cut programme lengths. At the heart of RADIX's success within the construction industry lie its core values: service, value, sustainability and partnership. Regardless of the project's scale, nature or challenges, the company is committed to listening to, understanding and prioritising the individual needs of its customers, ensuring consistently positive outcomes for every client. Refusing to stand still, RADIX stands at the forefront of innovation by designing and developing a comprehensive portfolio of products, including a move towards larger helical pile solutions. RADIX continues to expand its operations to meet growing demand and, in 2023, extended its UK-based warehousing with an additional 8500 sq. ft. to remain the UK’s largest stockist and supplier of ground screws and screw piles. Committed to advancing the construction industry towards sustainable foundations, RADIX will shortly unveil a dedicated showroom at its head office in Dundee. This innovative space will educate and support industry professionals while reinforcing RADIX's commitment to fostering sustainable practices. For its continuous development of efficient, low-carbon foundation solutions, RADIX has received our award for this year’s Most Innovative Sustainable Construction Company. Contact: Callum Milne, Managing Director Company: RADIX (RADIX Base Systems Ltd) Web Address: