Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 68 Best Haulage & Coach Operator 2023 - Shetland Islands For over 30 years, family business J.A & G.D Nicolson has been leveraging its experience in the coach and haulage industry to provide services to a wealth of clients. Established by brothers James Andrew and George David Nicolson, the business represents an immense drive to grant Shetland access to high quality, comprehensive services delivered by a reputable and respected operator. Below, we venture through the brothers’ passion for the field, and how this has allowed them to mould J.A & G.D Nicolson into the region’s most dependable haulage and coach operator. In 1990, brothers James Andrew and George David Nicolson combined their lifelong love of vehicles and mechanics with their determination to make a difference to found J.A & G.D Nicolson. As a culmination of their desire to deliver services that had yet to be seen throughout the region to such a high level of quality, the brothers continuously built upon the foundations that had been established over three decades ago. Now, J.A & G.D Nicolson promises coach and haulage services ranging from feed and stock transport, to bus and coach tours and school transport, and can be often spotted throughout the south mainland of Shetland. Priding itself on its ability to consistently offer high quality, friendly services, J.A & G.D Nicolson has gone above and beyond to ensure that its personal standards are always met. As such, each individual vehicle within its fleets is frequently maintained and cared for in abundance, allowing for a fantastic experience, regardless of the client. Partnered with its personal garage and team of experienced professionals, who are able to facilitate constant maintenance throughout the company, J.A & G.D Nicolson boasts a brimming excellence that the people of Shetland simply can’t overlook. Of course, as with any mode of transport, versatility is essential. Be it tackling complex weather conditions or varying itineraries, upholding an adaptable and flexible fleet has always remained at the forefront of J.A & G.D Nicolson’s priorities. This is also heavily influenced by the clients that the company typically assists – from large multinationals, local authorities, tour and cruise companies, and individuals alike. J.A & G.D Nicolson recognises that there simply isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution to the vast majority of transportation requirements, and has ensured that its fleets are perfectly suited to its areas of expertise. As the proud owner of such an impressive fleet, J.A & G.D Nicolson embodies the very meaning of convenience and accessibility. Currently, it operates a fleet of coaches with varying seating capacities – these capacities spanning from 8 to 57 – with each vehicle boasting seatbelts, air conditioning, and even a P.A system for clients to utilise wherever they should see fit. However, customers aren’t simply hiring the vehicle, but a friendly face behind the wheel too. Carrying all of the necessary driver accreditations, J.A & G.D Nicolson’s friendly drivers are prepared to go the extra mile to guarantee a seamless journey, no matter the occasion. In addition to its bus and coach fleets, J.A & G.D Nicolson also presents haulage vehicles to its clients. Operated from its base in Cunnigsburgh, Shetland, its fleet of lorries cover a plethora of haulage services throughout the Shetland Isles, all whilst adhering to a strict 365 days a year policy. As such, whether clients are in need of long or short term rental, J.A & G.D Nicolson will treat each individual contract with equal value. Every client matters, and, in response, J.A & G.D Nicolson’s team will deploy an adaptable approach that is renowned throughout the region for its bespoke nature. At its heart, J.A & G.D Nicolson is a coach and haulage operator that recognises the demands of the industry, and has mastered the art of meeting client requirements, no matter how complex. For this, it has earned itself quite the reputation – one that will surely persist as it progresses into the new year. Contact Details Contact: James Nicolson Company: J.A & G.D Nicolson Web Address: