Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

Arniston House is a magnificent mansion house that offers a haven of peace just a short, 11-miles away from Scotland’s vibrant capital city of Edinburgh. The estate offers guided tours, a choice of five charming holiday rental cottages, and a range of fabulous wedding packages that proffer the opportunity for couples to wed within the beautiful, timeless charm of a stunning country estate. Best Rural Estate 2023 - Midlothian Home to the Dundas family since 1571, Arniston Houe is a historic William Adam Palladian style mansion that sits within the 6,000-acre working Arniston Estate. Present owners the DundasBekker family have been renovating and restoring the house to its former glory, after the devastation of dry rot destroyed much of it back in the 1950s. The owners have been working tirelessly to make sensitive improvements, and are now delighted to be able to offer visitors the chance to experience this remarkable home for themselves, with a guided tour. The Arniston Estate continues to provide employment, farming, fishing, forestry and housing. It boasts a number of tenant farms, along with its own, all working with extensive conservation and landscape management plans that prioritise and protect farming, forestry, land and wildlife. It has ambitions to further enhance its sustainability, increase efforts towards becoming carbon neutral, and seize opportunities to cultivate eco-friendly activities within its agricultural assets. Arniston relishes the opportunity to promote itself as an active working estate and a heritage visitor attraction within the travel and tourism industry. It welcomes visitors to learn more about the Dundas family, with its 90-minute guided tours taking in the history of the house, Scotland, and its place in history on the world stage. The team at Arniston has over 50 years of experience, and is proud to offer world-class event management services in such a spectacular setting. Arniston welcomes new ways to effectively promote and commercialise its estate. For example, it embraces the chance to participate in the UKs thriving film industry by providing location services. To this end, it has become involved with organisations such as Film Edinburgh, Creative Scotland, Screen Scotland, and more. Recent projects welcomed to the Arniston grounds have come from studios such as Apple TV, Netflix, and Starz. Stewardship of the estate is always the main concern, however, with the business making sure that all rural operations are carried out safely, with much thought given to any future effects on Arniston. Its company mission is centred around Prospering with Integrity, with honesty and the provision of added value always at the top of its agenda. Arniston is committed to seeing conservation “done right”, and makes sure this always guides its policies, decision making, and leadership. It respects the stewardship philosophy of being guardians of the house for future generations, and thus strongly believes in finding ways to improve and protect, keeping all expansion plans well within the folds of conservation. This culture of stewardship extends to Arniston’s tenants, residents, visitors and clients. Whether one finds oneself at Arniston for a wedding, a short break, a guided tour, an event, or to work, the integrity and commitment is palpable. Great pride is taken in doing a job well, and this is reflected in the work ethic that operates throughout the whole estate. It has a genuine care, and always tries to make brave decisions and do what is right. For example, sustainability, conservation, and an eco-friendly approach to business have become very significant parts of its current aspirations. It's developing tools to increase the effective management pertaining to such goals. For example, it’s using quality management systems, event sustainability management, and has a carbon neutral action plan to follow. It supports conservation systems for forestry and replanting, and encourages cooperative farming that reduces the need for large equipment. The farm to plate scheme is offering locals a way to easily obtain everything from eggs to firewood. Arniston is also introducing biomass boilers, wind, and solar energy services for its cottages. The overarching aim is to preserve the sanctity of the Estate, and conserve the land. It wants to ensure that any developments implemented at Arniston are self-sustaining, and provide a healthy future environment. The Arniston Estate Partnership has been named as Best Rural Estate 2023 – Midlothian in the Scottish Enterprise Awards. With its incredible perspective on estate management and ambitions to improve the environment for everyone, it truly is making a terrific, positive difference to the legacy of Arniston House. Contact Details Company: Arniston Estate Partnership Web Address: Contact Name: Kimberly Shaw-Walker