Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

The story of Glasgow Garden Maintenance begins in Jordan Grant’s childhood. At age fifteen, having viewed himself as someone who desperately needed to try harder to find his place in life, Jordan took on the monumental task of transforming himself. From his recreational occupation of cutting his neighbours’ lawns, Glasgow Garden Maintenance was eventually born. Now, his reach stretches across the breadth of Scotland – one that encompasses countless networks and connections throughout the region – and he’s able to operate in tandem with his highly passionate team to bring fresh expertise to the industry of luxury landscaping and tree surgery. Harkening back to the origins of the company, namely Jordan’s determination to prove that he was capable of becoming a better version of himself, Glasgow Garden Maintenance does something that not many collectives tend to do nowadays. Though its overarching goal is to become the leading company of its nature throughout Glasgow, Glasgow Garden Maintenance is an avid believer in employing young individuals who would benefit from the hard work and training. As such, each employee has been carefully selected, and is granted the opportunity to grow simply by working alongside Jordan and his team. Regardless of background or story, everyone deserves the same chance to flourish, and Glasgow Garden Maintenance is at the forefront of encouraging this mentality. At its heart, it believes in giving everyone a solid career at an early age. This is, in part, to help cultivate a sense of culture within all manner of individuals. Young energy brings a whole new sentiment to the collective – one that’s imbued with youthful vigour and a driven mindset. As such, Glasgow Garden Maintenance has garnered quite the resilience, with its team never backing down from a challenge. On the contrary, the tougher the project, the more exciting it is for them. This unbridled sense of self betterment flows throughout the entire collective, allowing it to operate in a wholly unique way. Glasgow Garden Maintenance is well on its way to being the nation’s most renowned tree surgeon and luxury landscaper. Born from a commitment to do good for the good of others, its services have become invaluable to the people of Scotland, with its fantastic attitude perfectly complimenting each individual project. No matter the requirements of the client, Glasgow Garden Maintenance easily identifies the best possible approach, before carrying out said approach with a level of enthusiasm that truly sets it apart. Partnering with Glasgow Garden Maintenance is like partnering with a family friend – it wants what’s best for its people and its clients, and is willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. It's for all of these reasons that we have recognised Glasgow Garden Maintenance as a truly special collective – one that’s more than worthy of the award that it has earned. Many companies can claim that they are the best at what they do, but few among them can attest to the fact that their internal workings have been specifically structured to help struggling individuals grow into dedicated workers. However, Glasgow Garden Maintenance proudly embraces its workforce in a way that’s beyond admirable, and seeks to transform young people into the helpful, skilled minds of tomorrow. We’re excited to see how this influence manifests as Glasgow Garden Maintenance steps into the new year. Contact: Kayleigh Greenhill Company: Glasgow Garden Maintenance Web Address: Based in Glasgow, with its sights set on expanding to markets in Manchester in the coming future, Glasgow Garden Maintenance is a tree and landscaping business that specialises in professional tree work and luxury landscaping. As the culmination of its founder’s incredible journey of self-growth and his desire to help uplift others under his watch, Glasgow Garden Maintenance embodies kindness and consideration in droves. Join us as we delve into the details of the collective. Best Tree Surgeon & Arboricultural Business 2023 - Central Belt