Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 42 Best Digital Skills / English Support Learning & Development Enterprise 2023 Within the Learning and Development sector, Successful Learning Solutions has an established track record of offering effective solutions to clients worldwide. The company’s mission is to foster a desire in their learners to enhance their skills and nurture lifelong learning. At Successful Learning Solutions, the passion for learning never stops. Based in Edinburgh, with support teams in England and South Africa, Successful Learning Solutions has seamlessly integrated virtual, and in-person learning opportunities to cater to the diverse needs of an evolving business landscape. With a comprehensive range of programs spanning Management Development, Digital Skills / AI, Customer Service Excellence, English Employability Support, and Personal / Team Effectiveness, their influence extends beyond borders, with prestigious institutions leveraging their expertise to shape comprehensive skill training initiatives. “The dynamic landscape of Learning and Development revolves around tailoring motivating educational experiences that not just align to – but lead organisational objectives. At Successful Learning Solutions, every training program is meticulously crafted to leave a lasting impact on participants, empowering them with valuable skills and knowledge crucial for personal and professional growth. Their transformative impact has transcended industries, enabling countless individuals to elevate their competencies and excel in their respective fields. This is what we call a successful learning solution.” Terry Coxen, Managing Director. At the core of Successful Learning Solutions lies a culture of continuous learning and development. The company takes pride in nurturing a collaborative community, fostering an environment that encourages the exchange of creative ideas and innovative perspectives. This collective effort culminates in the creation of pioneering learning solutions that enable clients and organisations to realise their full potential, driving performance and achieving strategic milestones. "Continuous learning is not just a nice-to-have, it's a must-have in today's digital landscape," says Randell Maree, Head of Training: Digital Skills at Successful Learning Solutions. "Our goal is to help companies keep their staff ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition." By partnering with Successful Learning Solutions, companies will benefit from engaging and high-quality training programs that help their staff stay ahead of the curve. We strive to be an extension of our clients' companies, continually developing their staff's technical abilities and making them more productive and efficient. "Our trainers are passionate about delivering digital skills training that makes a real difference for our clients," says Randell. "We believe that investing in your staff's digital skills is one of the best investments a company can make, and we're dedicated to helping our clients make that investment a success." Not being able to converse fluently and effectively in English forms a barrier to many in the modern workforce environment. A barrier to learning, productivity, teamwork and promotion. Even more so, a barrier to getting a job, or simply trying to create your CV to apply for a job. By providing extra support for those that need it, these barriers can be removed. With our motivated and experienced team we are the solution to many overcoming these – and other obstacles to progression. With a focus on enriching lives through education and empowering individuals to embrace a lifelong learning journey, Successful Learning Solutions continues to redefine the boundaries of excellence in the realm of Learning and Development. Innovative, reliable and easy to do business with, contact them to set up a free consultation on how they can support you in learning. Contact Details Contact: Terry Coxen Company: Successful Learning Solutions Web Address: www.