Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research allows its customers to uncover their roots and discover their family, through the providing of a personalised genealogical research service. Based in Aberdeen, Founder and Owner Malcolm Gauld often finds himself researching one person in specific detail, along the way creating a family tree that comprises hundreds of names and features birth, marriage, and death dates. Despite having clients around the globe, the majority of Bon-Accord’s customer base is from the UK, and approximately 15% hail from Scotland. To find out more about the business, we catch up with Malcolm, who provides further insight into his approach, method, and successes within the industry. Best Family History Research Company 2023 Malcolm established Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research in order to establish links between clients and their ancestors, researching family history and investigating an array of records to paint a bigger picture of a person’s heritage. The business proudly offers a transparent approach, providing copies of census returns, military service records, obituaries from newspapers, as well as prison and workhouse/poor law records to paint an accurate picture. All information is subsequently complied into a presentation binder, with each binder boasting the claim of being uniquely and specifically curated for that particular client. Building on from this, the company’s main goal is to deal with all clients in an honest and accountable manner, helping them achieve their desired outcomes, however simple or complex these may be. A client-centric business, Malcolm strives to provide the sort of service that a customer hopes to receive. In order to remain a frontrunner in the industry, Bon-Accord adopts a unique pricing structure, offering clients a one-off fee. Through this approach, the business takes on more than its fair share of quoted work, and Malcolm is unaware of any competitors operating in this way. As for the wider sector, genealogy is a constantly evolving field, and an abundance of new technologies and scientific breakthroughs have resulted in several notable trends shaping the industry over the past few years. The first of these is DNA testing and genetic genealogy, with advancements in both of these areas allowing for more accurate and detailed results which can ultimately forge stronger links. Also, online collaboration and social networking has made it easier than ever before to reach out to people and establish relationships with newfound relatives, resulting in one being able to expand their own database. Moreover, the digitisation of historical records allows people like Malcolm to operate on a global basis, sourcing information relating to clients who may be on the other side of the world with the same ease as those just down the road. In the same vein, AI and machine learning allows for the further streamlining of the process and expands the offerings that those in the sector are able to provide. Finally, an increase in cultural and ethnic heritage exploration has allowed for minority groups to explore their roots in a more effective manner than before, and a wider interest in the field through media and popular culture has resulted in more people than ever before investing in their history. For Malcolm and Bon-Accord, being based in Scotland has a number of positives that have shaped the company into the successful business that it is today. Those operating from Scotland enjoy the ability to innovate, strategic market access, a supportive business ecosystem, and a diverse cultural environment. As Malcolm explains, “these advantages have contributed, and will continue to contribute, to my business’ success and growth in the region.” Even as a sole trader, Malcolm believes in building an internal culture that upholds a series of key missions and values. These are inclusive of achieving the client’s required outcome, communicating in a manner that is open, honest, and professional, emphasising the importance of detail and double-checking everything, and remaining environmentally aware, reusing and recycling wherever possible. Looking to the future, the company’s recent implementation of a CRM system to manage its clients has already proven useful and will continue to do so. In 2024, Malcolm also wants to put more time into promoting another budding element of the business, which offers an Irish passport application process. Bon-Accord plans to stand by its values well into the future, and with a healthy backlog of clients and Malcolm constantly onboarding new ones, prospects are secure, and the organisation is more than worthy of this award celebrating its excellence. Contact: Malcolm Gauld Company: Bon-Accord Genealogy and Probate Research Web Address: