Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 34 CD Decorators (Ayrshire) Ltd is a company based in Kilmarnock, offering a comprehensive range of specialist decorating services that can be carried out in both domestic and commercial properties. Jobs that the company undertakes on a daily basis can be as simple as small home repairs or as complex as large-scale decorating projects, but the similarity they share is that they are all completed to the highest standard. Specific solutions offered include internal painting, spray plastering, AMES taping, and specialist finishes, such as French polishing. To ensure satisfaction is achieved every time, the team work closely with clients, and this personal approach and a highcalibre finish sets the business apart. We speak with Managing Director Craig Dorricott, who tells us more about the company and its specialist offerings. With many years of experience and a greater number of successfully completed projects, CD Decorators (Ayrshire) Ltd boasts an extensive portfolio of happy customers, motivating the team to complete all jobs faithfully, reliably, and in good time. A dedicated team led by Craig and Managing Partner Jonathan Kennedy bolsters the company’s methods, and all team members are afforded equal access to a wide range of training in how to master every one of the company’s specialties, even the most difficult ones. With CD Decorators, serious work is carried out at reasonable prices. Before starting out on a project, the team make a conscious effort to initiate intensive discussions with clients, ensuring their vision can be turned into a reality through a process of meticulous and extensive consultation. Not only are all CD Decorators staff members already specialised, but they undergo ongoing training throughout their employment journeys, meaning they are always up to date on the latest processes and can be wholly relied upon at all times. An array of experience tackling a combination of indoor and outdoor projects makes the company the ultimate dependable partner for all decorating solutions, providing properties with a new lease on life. One such property that has received this level of treatment is Paisley Town Hall, which has been given a new lease on life that is in-keeping with its beautiful neoclassical style, yet looks modern, elegant, and stylish. In the loggia of the building, the business carried out spraying of gold leaf, which served to reinforce the desired traditional look in an efficient manner. In the same vein, the Alexander Windsor Suite was fully sprayed with white emulsion paint, before a grey feature colour was applied for effect. Subsequent spray polishing and colour matching the new timber to the existing timber was then undertaken, ensuring a consistent look is achieved throughout the property. For Craig, the main goal of him and the team is to continue growing and developing the company, undertaking quality work and appeasing clients within the agreed timeframe. Hardworking, honest, and ever reliable, the company takes immense pride in the calibre of work it leaves behind and plans to do this well into the future. To this end, there exists a commitment to continue employing local decorators and taking on apprentices who will be provided with excellent training and guidance, qualifying tradespeople who will be among some of the best in the business. Also paramount for the future will be staying ahead of the curve, something that the company’s stellar training courses play a huge part in, as well as nurturing the personal and professional development of staff, making sure that even the most qualified of employees are afforded growth opportunities and can evolve to continually reach the highest standards. New industry trends are paid close attention to, with new techniques adopted constantly alongside the timeless decorating methods that the company has built its successful reputation upon. Since the industry is always changing, predicting what trend will come next is difficult, as styles tend to drop in and out. Presently, the industry is seeing a dramatic increase in wood panelling, as well as venetian and spray plastering. The team is therefore homing in on these skills, constantly improving and raising the bar for services across the sector. Grey colour palettes are too becoming more popular in both commercial and domestic settings, with clients seeking a finish to their projects that is the perfect blend of modern and timeless, one of Graham and the team’s key areas of expertise. CD Decorators is a proud Scottish business through and through, but the high-quality of its work and an increasingly inter-connected nature of our world means that the business is operating throughout the UK, undertaking projects as far north as Aberdeen, Isle of Jura, Isle of Skye, and the Shetland Islands, as well as working right across the north of the UK and even as far south as Bedford and London. Some of the company’s crowning achievements were the projects it carried out in both Germany and Denmark, which Best Specialist Decorating Company 2023 – Western Scotland