Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

serve only to reinforce the quality of the work done, so much so that it transcends international borders and creates happy clients across Europe. In order to promote a pleasant and successful working environment, great emphasis is placed on an internal culture that is welcoming and light-hearted, and where skill and commitment to craft comes as second nature to all employees. As Craig explains, “our employees all have a great relationship with one another as well as [me] and Jonathan, there is a real sense of pride and loyalty at the heart of the business, and we think that makes it a great place to work.” Employees are all on a level playing field, treated as friends and shown appreciation for their hard work, which is frequently rewarded. Moreover, team members are never asked to do anything that the managers would not do themselves, with this leading to mutual respect and the celebration of the hard work put in by everyone to make the business a success. When the time comes for the company to seek out new talent to join its team, individuals are sought out who possess a blend of skill and flare, as well as boasting an exceptional work ethic. Although the team like to keep things fun and fresh, some things never change, and one of these is the unwavering commitment CD Decorators has to quality performance. Looking ahead to the rest of 2023, the company already has a very busy end to the year, with projects soon to be underway in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Ayrshire. In the same vein, 2024 is set to bring plenty of work to keep the team busy, and although the details for these are under wraps, the future looks bright, and Craig and the team at CD Decorators would not have it any other way. With a commitment to excellence to boot, the business is sure to expand its scope into the future, and although the team is more than happy to keep its current work radius in the UK, if the opportunities line up, then working outside of the UK would certainly be on the company’s radar. Quintessentially, CD Decorators has carved out a niche in the industry, with a unique ability to tackle complicated and detailed work in addition to the standard range of services it provides. This all stems from the dedicated team of experts, who thrive under the tutelage of Craig and Jonathan, and work together to tackle any project successfully and complete it with the highest quality finish. As a result of the consistent excellence demonstrated by the business, CD Decorators (Ayrshire) Ltd has proven itself to be more than worthy of this award celebrating its specialist achievements in the sector. Contact: Craig Dorricott Company: CD Decorators (Ayrshire) Ltd Web Address: