Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 58 Civil Engineering & Construction Firm of the Year 2023 - East Scotland Based in Tayside, Kilmac Limited is a prominent civil engineering contracting company that manages contracts across central Scotland. The business is committed to consistently delivering excellence and is a trusted partner of several esteemed Tier 1 contractors. It is the mission of Kilmac Limited to shape the civil engineering sector with its exceptional innovative approaches, and commitment to quality and safety. Kilmac Limited has won a Scottish Enterprise Award for Civil Engineering & Construction Firm of the Year - East Scotland. Richard Kilcullen and Athole McDonald founded Kilmac Limited in 2004. The pair have worked together since 1988, and from humble beginnings, the business has evolved into a successful company with an annual turnover of £40 million. Both Richard and Athole are actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business and have established strong working relationships with their valued clients. The team at Kilmac Limited consists of 160 dedicated professionals, whose motivation and highly skilled work pave the way for the company to deliver exceptional quality on every project. The primary aspect of civil engineering contracts is earthworks and earthmoving services, which involve remodelling sites prior to commencing projects. Its experienced team also completes services in drainage and attenuation, foundations, building structure, roadworks, service utilities, and hard and soft landscaping, to name a few. Core values of collaboration, innovation, quality, safety, and sustainability have positioned Kilmac Limited as a desirable partner in the civil engineering sector. It is the business’s objective to always deliver excellent quality on every project in order to fulfil clients’ high expectations and maintain its industrious reputation. Kilmac Limited is proud of its agile approach during the COVID-19 pandemic as the world adjusted to remote working. The company effectively combatted supply chain challenges to ensure successful project delivery despite the unpredictable circumstances. Safety is a fundamental aspect of all operations. Kilmac Limited ensures that it always adheres to strict safety standards to protect the wellbeing of its clients, team members, and the public. Promoting an inclusive internal culture for its workforce is also integral to the business’s development of its advanced solutions. Kilmac Limited is committed to recruiting talented individuals who align with its values and uphold its renowned reputation. Collaboration is a cornerstone of the business. Kilmac Limited values the strong partnerships that it has developed with its respected clients and works closely with tier 1 contractors, local councils, and several industry leaders to achieve its excellent results. The business also prioritises innovation, aiming to stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge solutions and the latest technology to improve its services. Kilmac Limited integrates state-of-the-art technologies such as Building Information Modelling (trimble), drones, and data to enhance the planning and execution of its projects. The results of this technology are precise project management and improved collaboration with clients. Kilmac Limited is committed to sustainability and invests in sustainable practices to minimise its environmental impact and contribute towards a more conscious future. The business aligns itself with Scotland’s ambitious climate and environmental goals, which shape local legislation in its mission to transition to net zero emissions. The Scottish government is dedicated to infrastructure development and has created substantial opportunities within the civil engineering sector. Investment into new projects for roads, bridges, public transportation, and utilities has generated a growing demand for Kilmac Limited’s services. To remain at the forefront of the industry, the company remains informed about current industry trends to deliver exceptional services that meet client’s individual requirements. Scotland boasts a strong civil engineering and construction industry. Kilmac Limited benefits from this thriving sector and has developed collaborative relationships with tier 1 contractors, local councils, and national clients. With headquarters in Dundee and regional offices in Dunfermline and Livingston, the business is strategically located to provide its services across central Scotland and other regions. To meet evolving market demands, Kilmac Limited hopes to explore further opportunities for growth and is considering expansion into other areas of the UK. The future holds many exciting opportunities for Kilmac Limited as it continues to contribute to Scotland’s civil engineering industry. With an annual turnover of £40 million, the company aims to continue to grow its market presence all over the UK. Kilmac Limited will explore more diverse projects, from infrastructure developments to commercial and residential ventures. By diversifying, the business will increase its agility to adapt to the ever-changing construction landscape. Kilmac Limited will also uphold its commitment to the continuous development of its workforce. By investing in ongoing training, the company maintains a highly skilled, motivated, and innovative team. Kilmac Limited cannot wait to embrace new challenges and opportunities to continue building its strong foundation within the industry. For its consistent commitment to excellence, Kilmac Limited has received our award for this year’s Civil Engineering & Construction Firm of the Year - East Scotland. Contact: Lauren Pratt Company: Kilmac Limited Web Address: