Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

The Paton family are synonymous with the funeral trade, having been Funeral Directors in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire, for three generations and counting. They share a history extending almost as far back as the D. Moodie & Co. company itself, who first opened for business as an independent Funeral Directors in 1911. The Paton family took over the business in 1946, having also worked for the company prior to that. This gives the firm a wealth of experience, and a reputation for good service that is well known in the local area, and beyond. D. Moodie & Co. has a reputable and trustworthy ability to offer help to clients exactly when they most need it. It has a genuine and timehonoured understanding of what a traumatic experience it can be when a loved one has passed away. It does its utmost to help grieving families at such a difficult time, and will provide all the help needed to make the necessary arrangements in a friendly and compassionate manner. Its conscientious staff are always there to guide people through the final arrangements and requests, and can be contacted with any queries prior to or at the time of death. Some people might find it hard to talk about making funeral arrangements ahead of time, but it’s not a bad idea to consider, especially as it can save your loved ones who are left behind from having to make difficult decisions during a time of great sorrow. D. Moodie & Co. offers pre-paid funeral plans that offer peace of mind, and ensure that your funeral wishes are all understood and carried out. It realises that it can be a very emotive subject to discuss, which is why it is often overlooked, but the team at D. Moodie & Co. has extensive experience when it comes to pre-planning funerals, and would urge anyone to consider the matter openly with close friends and family. It can help you to plan your funeral with the aid of a provided booklet, ‘My Funeral Wishes’. This literature offers supportive guidance, and completing it will leave no doubts about what you want to happen, when the time comes. Failing to inform your loved ones about your wishes can leave them confused about what to do for the best, and further add to the stress at a very emotional time. D. Moodie & Co.’s booklet is a free service that provides reassurance for all. Copies can be left with your family or given to a solicitor for safekeeping, making the funeral planning so much easier for those left behind. In the event of the death of a loved one, regardless of whether there was a pre-plan in place or not, D. Moodie & Co. offers all the guidance families need to feel confident about making funeral arrangements. It will guide you through the correct procedure to register a death, the information you will need, and the documents required. Part of making funeral arrangements also requires persons to understand the costs involved. D. Moodie & Co. will assist with discussions of the type of service required, whether that be burial or cremation. It will also help you to choose a location, and select an appropriate coffin, with eco-friendly options available. Choice of celebrant (religious or non-religious), and arrangement of funeral vehicles are also covered. D. Moodie & Co. has an overarching aim to make everything as simple as possible for families during a difficult and stressful time. It has been recognised with the very fitting title of Most Trusted Family-Owned Funeral Directors 2023 in the Scottish Enterprise Awards. Its dedication and commitment to offer a helping hand in a time of great need is hugely valued and important. Well done to it and its thoughtful team. Contact Details Company: D Moodie Co. Web Address: Contact Name: Anne Wishart D. Moodie & Co. is an independent firm of funeral directors, based in the Glasgow and Paisley areas of Scotland. It’s home to a friendly, empathetic and considerate team of fully qualified professionals, and demonstrates a care for people that shines through everything it does. D. Moodie and Co. can be relied on for a quality service that goes over and above, ensuring all client needs are fully considered and met. Most Trusted Family-Owned Funeral Directors 2023