Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

its training, assessments, and quality assurance practices. The results are improved learning and development for clients’ workforces. The business believes in forming strong working relationships with clients in order to fully understand their requirements. Pristine Safety and Security are client-focused and treat every organisation as an individual. The company remains in contact with clients to receive feedback and inform them of developments in the subject areas touched upon in their training. Pristine Safety and Security is proud that its combined service solutions extend beyond simple training to help clients foster new skills and encourage their future development. Many businesses today face overwhelming changes that naturally require them to adjust to shifting internal and external factors. Organisations find themselves needing to evolve and develop new skills and agile strategies. Pristine Safety and Security directly addresses these needs with its systematic approach and focus on the delivery, assessment, and quality assurance of its training. Pristine Safety and Security does not compete with other training providers as it believes that businesses offering seemingly cost-effective solutions can be less reliable. Providers focused on cutting costs are more likely to rely on freelancers and instructors who are not accredited or even qualified to create and deliver training. All instructors at Pristine Safety and Security are fully qualified to deliver, assess, and quality assure the training and qualifications on offer. The company is a registered centre and is approved by qualification awarding bodies that are themselves approved by Ofqual. Pristine Safety and Security delivers qualifications on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and the Scottish Credit Qualification Framework (SCQF). The business is also an approved and licensed Continuous Professional Development provider with the CPD group and provides CPD certificates and points for all courses, including those designed specifically for clients. With a base in Glasgow and Ayrshire, Pristine Safety and Security has an ideal location to access clients across Scotland. The business has recently invested in an e-learning platform, which has extended its reach to clients all over the UK and beyond. This new platform allows new and existing clients to easily access training courses and achieve qualifications regardless of location. Pristine Safety and Security seeks to consistently expand its portfolio and aims to open new innovative training hubs across the UK, Wales, and Ireland. The company has remained steadfast in its core values of integrity, honesty, openness, and trust. Company values lay the foundation for a positive internal culture and Pristine Safety and Security aims to recruit team members that will collaborate to achieve its shared mission. Founder Paul Smith is dedicated to fostering new talent and inspiring individuals to be the best they can be. Paul seeks employees who are willing to learn and develop their own personal and professional development. This has been an exciting year for Pristine Safety and Security, who have received this year’s UK Enterprise Award for Best Safety and Security Company – Glasgow and have now been honoured with the Scottish Enterprise Award for Best Safety and Security Training Provider. Looking ahead, Pristine Safety and Security aims to collaborate with clients to create internal training teams in order to upskill their staff and predict changing business needs. On its mission to provide unparalleled training, assessment, and quality assurance services, Pristine Safety and Security looks forward to collaborating with like-minded professionals and businesses to shape the future of the training sector. Contact: Paul Smith Company: Pristine Safety and Security Web Address: