Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 72 Best Eco-Friendly Insulation & Rendering Company 2023 Based in Scalloway, Shetland, Fine Finishes EcoCoatings Ltd. provides eco-friendly insulation, rendering, plastering, and roofing solutions to both private and commercial clients. Here, we dive into the inspiring story of the company’s inception as well as its dedication to both sustainability and quality. Fine Finishes was established in 2019 but its story begins four years before that, when John Philbin made the decision to go selfemployed as a plasterer in 2015. Having noticed a significant lack of skilled local plasterers in the area, he was inspired to fill the gap in the market. John successfully built up a sole tradership, and his first few years of business were highly successful. However, in an unexpected turn of events, John was incapacitated by a severe eye infection that almost caused him to lose his right eye. His thriving business ground to a halt when he was forced to take time off work to recover and receive the medical attention he needed. Many people would have given up after losing everything they had worked so hard to build, but John was determined to get back on his feet. Following his recovery, he decided to take his plastering business in a new direction. In 2019, Fine Finishes Eco-Coatings was incorporated. Inspired by a renewed desire to become more eco-friendly, green, and efficient, the company set out to provide the people and organisations of Shetland and Orkney with sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable coatings and finishes for their houses and businesses. Thanks to funding from the Highlands & Islands Enterprise Young Company Scheme, Fine Finishes was able to invest in training, new machinery, and equipment. Soon, the company had grown from a one-man band into a thriving team of professionals. Committed to using eco-friendly alternatives to traditional skimming and coating methods, Fine Finishes began working with CorkSol UK, a pioneering supplier of cork-based insulation products. Breathable, flexible, weather and sea salt resistant, comes in 28 different colours, and, of course, highly insulating, spray cork is an excellent replacement for traditional renovation systems. After working with CorkSol for a short time, Fine Finishes went on to become its exclusive distributor for Orkney and Shetland. Now, the company is also proud to be the only approved applicator within the two northern isles. Alongside its commitment to sustainability and the environment, Fine Finishes is passionate about delivering the highest levels of quality in its products and services. The company is so confident in its ability to do so that it offers a 25-year application warranty. In order to work to such a great standard, Fine Finishes invests in the continued education and training of its growing team of dedicated eco-friendly builders. As a result of its exceptional work, Fine Finishes has received a multitude of positive reviews over the years. For example, Mr D. Hunter shares, “Fine Finishes have not only freshened up the house; more importantly, I noticed a difference right away with how the house holds heat. Our boiler is running less so there is going to be a reduction in our fuel bill.” For its steadfast dedication to sustainability and saving its customers money on their energy bills, Fine Finishes Eco-Coatings Ltd. has been awarded Best Eco-Friendly Insulation & Rendering Company in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023. With this prestigious title under its belt, there is no doubt that the company will continue to succeed in the years to come. We are thrilled to congratulate John and his team on this achievement and wish them the best of luck in all their endeavours. Contact Details Contact: John Philbin Company: Fine Finishes Eco-Coatings Ltd. Web Address: