Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

Around the time that we were stepping into the early 1990s, Image on Glass manifested with the hopes of being the nation’s most comprehensive company for glass decoration services. Located in Scotland, its most logical step was to initially establish connections with traditional Scotch Whisky businesses, who ultimately became its primary clientele. However, as time progressed, so too did leading technologies that would completely redefine Image on Glass. Now, it has access to some of the industry’s most cutting edge glass decoration methods, allowing it to leverage its expertise across industries such as Irish Whiskey, craft distilleries for gin and rum, cosmetics, home, and beauty. Image on Glass truly shines, however, through the sheer range of options that it presents to its clients. Though glass decoration may appear to be a straightforward practice, Image on Glass has proven that there’s a level of professionalism and nuance that goes into this unique art form. As such, it has accumulated a plethora of services for its clients to choose from, each exemplifying the talent that goes into such a premium level of work. Utilising recent advances in technology, gathered from its dedication to remaining at the forefront of innovation, Image on Glass has compiled the most applicable selection of services yet. These techniques primarily consist of using digital printing, screen printing, pad printing, and waterslide transfers to introduce a premium look and feel to each individual product. In addition, Image on Glass also presents clients with the opportunity to engage with its high-end label printing services, capable of printing onto plastic, aluminium, and ceramic products alike. This is, of course, only possible due to Image on Glass’ frequent investment in new, emerging technologies. If there is a way to transform its practices to provide more, high-quality services to clients, Image on Glass is determined to be the first to master it. It's this very mindset that has spurred Image on Glass towards gaining an impressive competitive advantage. Specifically, its prowess in leveraging digital printing. As a relatively new technique for direct-to-glass containers, digital printing isn’t too common within the industry. And yet, Image on Glass is proud to have taken this method and perfected it in little to no time at all. As such, it hosts a myriad of unique capabilities that competitors have yet to match – a quality that has allowed it to shine in terms of its capabilities, prices, and personalisation options. In such a crowded market, it’s essential for companies to invest in quality glass decoration services. Image on Glass has spent its years identifying the difficulties facing said industries, and has gone above and beyond to deliver the services that its clients truly need and deserve. In doing so, it has demonstrated an immense passion for its craft – one that manifests through its eagerness to maintain a strong connection with technological innovation. Image on Glass’ new machines use UV cured, organic inks which helps in creating sustainable decorations, giving the company a better way of making even more sustainable and environmentally friendly decorations in comparison to traditional methods. As the business is seeing a great interest from clients with regards to reduced transportation, a responsible carbon footprint, and the recyclability of the inks in its products, it plans to continue adapting to the ever-evolving market. Now that it has mastered the art of glass decoration, Image on Glass has expressed that its focus has begun to shift towards growth. By placing its faith in new technologies, its increased capacity has paved the way for it to start taking on bigger clients with more demanding requirements. Though most would view this as a challenge, Image on Glass sees it as an opportunity. With such strong aspirations, it comes as no surprise to learn that Image on Glass’ touch has reached small startups and household brands alike. As such, we’re sure that, as it advances towards the future, Image on Glass will only continue to redefine the industry through the power of technological innovation. Contact Details Contact: Claire Russell Company: Image on Glass Web Address: For roughly 30 years, Image on Glass has been delivering high-quality, technologically sound glass decorating services to clients across an array of industries. Having initially targeted its focus towards the Scotch Whisky sector, Image on Glass is now widely regarded as the region’s most versatile expert in sustainable glass decoration. Below, we delve into how Image on Glass rose to such a reputable position, and how its commitment to technological innovation has allowed it to garner the nation’s most varied range of glass decoration techniques. Leading Innovators in Sustainable Glass Decoration 2023