Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 64 Most Hospitable Golf Club 2023 A parkland course in the North East of Scotland, Insch Golf Club is dedicated to meeting the needs of the modern golfer. With beautiful, panoramic views of Dunnydeer, the club fosters a friendly atmosphere for members to bring their guests and golfing visitors. The club celebrates a long history of golf in Insch and boasts a stunning 18-hole course for all golfing abilities. For its beautiful course and facilities, Insch Golf Club has received a Scottish Enterprise Award for this year’s Most Hospitable Golf Club. The original course was founded in 1906 around the foot of Dunnydeer Hill and became a part of the 47 courses established around the world that form the 1906 club. In 1943, the course was moved to its current location but was later requisitioned by the War Department as a grenade range. It was not until 1977 that a local committee came together to reintroduce a course to the village. A 9-hole course was created and subsequently extended to the full 18 in 1997. In 2003, the golf club committee went on to design and construct a modern clubhouse for the enjoyment of its members. The clubhouse was opened a year later by Paul Lawrie, a Scottish golf legend and past Open Champion. The club was honoured to host an hour-long coaching session with Paul for 80 budding junior club members as part of the celebrations. The clubhouse facility features a comfortable bar, dining facilities, changing rooms, and a refurbished entertainment area. With stunning views from the clubhouse, members and visitors can enjoy the charming scenery of the old course and Dunnydeer. The clubhouse is the perfect location for members to relax with a drink of their choice and witness beautiful sunset views. For golfers, the premises have separate male and female changing facilities with modern shower facilities. The club also has a fully equipped kitchen and talented staff who prepare and cook a delectable range of meals to delight and entice guests. It is a well known fact with members and visitors that no one leaves hungry. Playing member Steve Millar says, “Despite having only been a member for a couple of years, I have witnessed first-hand on many occasions the welcoming environment and top-notch hospitality created by the entire team for all who visit the club. This is instrumental in providing both members and visitors with the best possible experience, which starts as soon as they arrive to sign in for their rounds. I was met with guidance from the first tee, and help was provided to me all around the course. The continuous improvement of the golf course demonstrates the commitment from everyone associated with the club to providing the best possible golfing experience.” It is the mission of Insch Golf Club to provide its members and guests with a memorable experience when they visit. The club is passionate about its customer service and leaving a smile on the faces of all visitors to encourage their return. During the current challenging financial times, Insch Golf Club prides itself on consistently exceptional service and values word of mouth recommendations. The club is renowned in the area for the friendly and warm atmosphere its staff have created, and it aims to expand its reputation across Aberdeenshire. Eileen Gerrard, the club’s first female captain, shares, “We are incredibly proud to have won this award, and it is all down to the many hours of hard work put in by Jayne, Club Manager, Fiona, her right hand woman, and the rest of our wonderful team. No one fully understands the work that goes on behind the scenes, all the preparation for golfing and social events, along with the general dayto-day work required to have the club open. We owe it all to them that the club runs smoothly, ensuring our members and guests are well fed, watered, and entertained.” With the rising costs of utilities and wages, the future for any Scottish business is uncertain and this is no different for any Golf Club in the North East. Insch Golf Club aims to continue to work hard and retain its stellar reputation for years to come. The golf course continues to make great improvements thanks to the tireless work of its greenkeepers and volunteers. With many exciting events on the horizon, we cannot wait to find out what the future holds for this beautiful course and modern clubhouse. For its friendly atmosphere and cost-effective services, Insch Golf Course has received our award for this year’s Most Hospitable Golf Club. Contact: Jayne Farquhar Company: Insch Golf Club Web Address: Looking on to the 9th tee. Tables set for our Ladies Lunch. Some of our hospitable team, including Jayne and Fiona, having a well deserved day out.