Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

Established more than a decade ago, Core Conservation specialises in solving damp and insulation problems in old and listed buildings. The company has introduced an innovative range of lime products to the market including Roman waterproofing mortars, AeroGel-lime thermal insulation, venetian plasters, and Roman lime floors to name but a handful. The company is particularly adept at helping to solve unusual problems within the heritage building sector. It conducts surveys that investigate building condition and dampness, which it will follow up by specifying conservation-friendly damp proofing solutions suitable for traditional properties. The company’s metier is carrying out sensitive building restoration work, including bringing old and listed buildings up to modern standards. It does this by using lime-based solutions such as high-performance insulating plasters. It is often the case that traditional methods still outperform modern materials, making all the solutions provided by Core Conservation not only appropriate for old buildings but absolutely optimal. A case in point is the AeroGel-Lime insulating lime plaster used by the company. Whilst there are some great insulation/damp proofing solutions in common usage for new buildings, these tend to have unwanted side effects when translated to the older, heritage sector. AeroGel-Lime, on the other hand, is a super insulator for older buildings, outperforming almost every other product on the market. It is still, importantly, a breathable product, as it is made from lime plaster. This makes it a valuable solution within the heritage restoration sector. Core Conservation determines to use best practice when it comes to building conservation. To do this it takes inspiration and learnings from Naldo Busato, the Venetian Building Restoration Master in Venice, and last active member of the Venetian building restoration guild. If anyone knows a thing or two about preserving old buildings, and protecting them from damp, it is Naldo. Another important factor and historical influence of note is the teachings Core Conservation has gained from the Romans and their long-lasting architectural achievements. The Romans used a gentle, lime-based material in their architecture, drawing immediate parallels with what Core Conservation does today. Core Conservation believes there is much to be learnt from the Romans way of doing things, some of which has even helped it improve its current materials and building conservation work. One of the trends Core Conservation is noticing in the world of heritage restoration is the retro fitting of insulation in old buildings. The rising costs of energy, and other ever-increasing prices, are encouraging people to make the decision to insulate their old buildings in order to save money on heating costs. This can be tricky if the building is listed and can’t risk having its appearance changed. Narrow spaces and unusually shaped rooms often leave little room for insulation, as they simply don’t have the inches to spare. Fortunately, Core Conservation has risen to this challenge admirably with its lime-based solutions. The Scottish company offers solutions that are in demand all over the world, thus it is called on to ship materials, and provide expert personnel, throughout the UK and internationally. Its own team is quite a diverse assembly too, with members from Scotland, England, Wales and Hungary all working together to benefit architectural heritage in nearby and far-flung places. Core Conservation is always keen to hear from other conservation architects, heritage builders, and lime plasterers. It celebrates old buildings and traditional architecture, and feels a kinship with everyone of a similar ilk. Core Conservation has recently been asked to participate in a great project which will be a new and exciting challenge for its skills abroad. It will be working with prestigious universities and scientists to restore a 1500-year-old building, which is commonly referred to as one of the architectural wonders of the world. This is an exciting time for the business as it continues to rise to each challenge with grace and determination. Core Conservation has now been named as the Most Trusted Building Conservation Specialists 2023 in the Scottish Enterprise Awards. Its terrific work is fully deserving of recognition, and deserves to be honoured with this fitting title. Company: Core Conservation Web Address: / Contact Name: Mick Gasz Core Conservation is a multi-award-winning building conservation company working within the heritage building industry. It combines the expertise of conservation specialists, scientists and engineers to holistically investigate and solve complex problems found in many older buildings. The company uses a mix of old and new technologies, but always ensures it provides building-friendly, breathable, and non-invasive materials and methods to achieve its goals. Most Trusted Building Conservation Specialists 2023