Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News | Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 | 60 Best Recruitment Services Company 2023 & CV Writing Company of the Year 2023 The CV Guru Group is a professional writing company that crafts bespoke CVs, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and supporting statements for its diverse portfolio of clients. Spanning an array of sectors and employment levels, the company proudly works with graduates, middle managers, and executives, with all being afforded the same level of care, expertise, and professionalism to help them get noticed in an increasingly crowded job market. With recruiters increasingly using an applicant tracking system, the first hurdle job seekers face may not even be a person, making CV formatting the vital ingredient to success. We speak with Founder Emma Alkirwi, to learn more about the company’s techniques in crafting the perfect CV to get its clients recruited. After more than 15 years working in a recruitment setting, Emma Alkirwi began to find it increasingly disheartening to watch qualified candidates fail to secure interviews based on the poor composition of their CVs. This led to her creating The CV Guru Group (The CV Guru) in 2016, offering an expert CV writing service for struggling job seekers. Today, the company proudly services a range of industries, including accountancy, finance, hospitality, IT, engineering, customer service, and the police, to name just a few. With strong ties to the Scottish Police Federation, the company works closely with retiring officers, supporting them in crafting CVs that highlight their plethora of transferable skills. In addition to this, Emma now being supported by an expert team of CV writers, each with their own industry specialities, is making The CV Guru’s services even more sought after and increasing the tailored services it has to offer. This is particularly apparent in the realm of executive services for clients at C-suite level, with the business ensuring leadership skills, achievements, and experience are prominently featured across their portfolios. The CV Guru is proud of its Scottish heritage, and as a result, is incredibly well-versed in the job market, knowing exactly what it is that employers in the country want to see from prospective employees. However, the company’s successes in the remoteworking style that it has adopted means that it now operates effectively across the whole of the UK, and even boasts overseas clients, seeking the business’ award-winning service so that they may find a job in the UK and relocate. Emma and the team fully appreciate that, despite being more than qualified, clients may find it difficult to express themselves and be objective about their positive traits. To remedy this, The CV Guru has a focused and targeted approach, ensuring that each of its clients remains in direct contact with their assigned writer, collaborating to produce what Emma refers to as, “interview winning documents. Never content to settle, the business prides itself on staying atop of industry trends, continuously working with employers to understand changes, attend industry events, and adopt an approach centred around constant improvement and always learning. To this end, the team is regularly called upon to speak at conferences, tackling such topics as career development and how to retain internal talent. Current trends that the company is experiencing within the industry point towards more people applying for less jobs, making it more important than ever to stand out. In today’s market, there are additional ways to thrive other than just a traditional CV, with one noteworthy way being an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. Since LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network, the platform can help with job searches at any level, regardless of ambition. The CV Guru’s LinkedIn profile options help job seekers to stand out, lining an account with the relevant experience and objectives to enhance it in the eyes of an employer. In the same vein, the company’s crafting of cover letters and statements can help give clients the edge through a well-rounded first impression, bolstering their chances of success. Looking ahead to the future, Emma tells us how the firm is, “excited about our growth plans and seeking to move into international markets in 2024.” With a track record as successful as The CV Guru’s, the sky is the limit in regard to future progression. The business’ array of positive customer testimonials speak for themselves, with Emma and the team being consistently credited for providing a brilliant, professional, and quick service, one that has earned them a series of 5-star reviews on Google and a 5-star rating Trustpilot rating. Contact: Emma Alkirwi Company: The CV Guru Group Web Address: